Moose Cap

Well Christmas is finally over and done with and with it the mad rush to get all gifts finished off. The last of the birthday afghans was finally given out and was well received. I decided not to knit a hat for everyone and only knit up a few more.

Copycat Beanie C.C. By Emily Ingrid

Digging through Ravelry for a hat pattern I found this beanie by Emily Ingrid. It was an easy knit using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Hand-Dyed in the Caramel Apple colourway. It would have looked stellar with the faux fur pompon I had but since it went to my grandson I didn’t bother putting on a pompon. I’m not sure guys wear pompons?

Next up was the Moose Cap by Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott. This pattern can be found in their wonderful book “Saltwater Classics From the Island of Newfoundland”.

Moose Cap by Christine LeGrow and Shirley A. Scott

The hat is a bit too big as I substituted a finer weight yarn for a heavier one and although I did a gauge swatch obviously it didn’t work out quite right. It’s funny how you can do a swatch and then when it comes to the actual knitting the item comes up different. It’s not to far off and if the brim was turned up more it’d be a perfect fit but I wanted to show off the red knitting for the photo. I used Briggs and Little “Regal” yarn for the cap having substituted it for Briggs and Little “Heritage”, which is a slightly thicker yarn.

The last item I have to show is a sweater called “Flax”, pattern by Tincanknits. I made this for my granddaughter for her birthday and I was pleased with how it turned out. It’s been years since I’ve knitted a garment and it’s nice to make something other than an accessory for a change.

Flax by tincanknits

The yarn is Red Heart’s, With Love Metallic, in the colourway Teal and if you look closely you can see a bit of a shimmer from the metallic looking monofilament. I picked this yarn up from the Dollarama at $4.00 a ball and ended up using four balls so it was a very cost effective sweater and Charlie loves the shimmer.

That’s it for catching up on projects for 2020. I’m sure there are a few more items that I haven’t recorded but all in all a very productive year. Next year is going to be focused on what I want to do not with “What will I make for others?”. I think I’ll work where my fancy takes me. First up will be to try and finish a UFO (unfinished object) that has been sitting in my closet for over forty years, here’s to hoping that the yarn yardages work out and I have enough yarn to finish it.

I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year and stays safe. See you in 2021!



It’s been a while since I last blogged but the truth is I’ve not had much in the way of variety to blog about since all the crafting I have been doing since making the Covid masks has been to finally finish off the last of the grandchildren’s afghans. These are the same ripple afghans that I’ve blogged about before made out of the Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick that I picked up on sale at the various stores.

In total I’ve crocheted nine of these afghans so far, seven for the grandchildren. Here are some photos of the afghans I haven’t shown already. The large photo is the same afghan as the one too the right of it. The photo of the three balls of yarn are the colours I used in one of the afghans that I forgot to take a picture of.

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’ve done very much but going back through my blog for the last year I realize that I have gotten a lot of projects made. It’s the reason I keep a blog – to remind myself just exactly what I have accomplished during the year. Mind you there are also some things I forget to document. This year I’ve crocheted nine afghans, four ponchos, knit two snakes, hats and dyed twenty-two tie-dyed shirts.

The current project is to use up some of the sale yarn I bought months ago and turn it into hats and mittens for Christmas. One hat down and many more to follow.

Lion Brand Wool Ease Hand-Dyed yarn “Key Lime”
Hat Power 5.0 by Carri Hammett – “Mittens & Hats for Yarn Lovers”
Yarn for hats and mittens

Blessings on everyone and I hope you are all staying safe.


Covid-19 Masks and Fat Cat.

Just a quick post with a couple of things I’ve been up to lately. First off are a couple of masks for my niece who asked for them. One was the Suay mask and the other four were the Olson mask.


Of the two styles my niece preferred the Olson mask to wear.

Next up is The Fat Cat Stuffie by Yarnspirations and The Crochet Crowd. I made this for my grandson because I needed to give him something because his sisters are getting the ponchos I made them.


That’s all for now. Next up I’m hoping to show yet again another ripple afghan and a Star Wars themed beanie. I hope everyone is staying safe.



I’ve been busy today. First I finished the snake then I did some baking. One of the girls in my knitting group wanted a picture when I mentioned I’d been busy baking so I took some photos for her. Then I thought why not post them here as well.

Today I made Lemon Blueberry Cream Scones, 1936 Apple Spice Cake, Honey Oatmeal Bread and for dinner I looked in the fridge and used up leftovers – chicken, cremini mushrooms, sweet peppers, onions, garlic, alfredo sauce, white wine, spaghetti, mozzarella and Parmesan.

This is what is left of the dinner.


More snakes and ponchos.

I hope everyone is doing well during the pandemic. I have been busy cooking and crafting and working on my garden although the past week has seen freezing temperatures and a bit of snow. Just when you think it’s Spring Mother Nature says “Not quite yet!”.

I have a couple more items to add to the pile for the grandkids. I had an idea of gifts for Easter but that has come and gone so I guess they’ll just be grandma loves you gifts.

I have seven grandkids so I tend to make things in multiples so I’ve finished another poncho and snake.

The poncho is made with more of the Caron Latte cakes and the purple snake is just leftover remnants in my stash. In fact the dark purple and white is some of the first yarn I bought while on lunch break downtown working at my first full time job. I still remember the wool shop. It was full of bulk spools of yarn and the owners put it up on a yarn swift. The purple and white were to make a scarf in the University of Western colours. My how time flies as that was 43 years ago. It also goes against current conventions that say if you haven’t used something in a year or two, get rid of it. I went to use the pizza stone in the basement last week only to discover I’d donated it. Who knew two years later I’d be practicing self-isolation in a pandemic and making my own pizza?

I have two more items to make before handing over the gifts. I was going to make two more snakes but I’m tired of making them and I just used the last of the fibrefill. I’ll have to think of something else.



One more poncho finished, it’s the same pattern as the previous girl’s poncho I made.

Pattern from Yarnspirations “Girl’s Crochet Poncho”. Made with Caron Latte cakes colourway Rose Scented.

Quilts and Afghans

Here are a couple of projects that I’ve finished off in the last couple of days. The first is a sweet little baby quilt that I’ve made for my nephew who will be born a few months from now.


I’d made this quilt for my granddaughter several years ago so here it is with a pink border. Baby Girl Quilt

When I’d made the quilt I had enough leftover fabric that I’d sewn another top together but left off the outside border waiting for another baby to come along before deciding which colour border to use. I didn’t have any matching backing fabric so I decided to dye my own. The dye I used was appropriately named baby boy blue.


The next project that I’ve finished this week is another lap Afghan made for my father. This afghan was made from from my hoard of Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick that I stocked up on when I found out it was $4 a ball at the local dollarama. I stayed with the same wave pattern as I’ve pretty much got it memorized by now.

Spa Garden Ripple Afghan, yarn by Lion Brand Homespun Thick and Quick colours are “woodland stripes”, “lagoon” and “dove”. The pattern is free and can be found at Lion Brand

I hope everyone is staying safe and doing well, take care.

Snake, Hat and Poncho.

I had a recent request by my grandson to knit a snake and I blithely agreed thinking how hard can it be? As it turns out it’s pretty easy especially if you’re used to knitting with double pointed needles, however it is time consuming. You look at the picture of the snake and you think oh I’ll get that done in no time but it just keeps going on and on and on.

Then of course you stuff the snake as you go and pretty soon you’re trying to manipulate a four foot snake and rotate it with your feet as you go round and round meanwhile all the time doing colour changes for the different bands of colour.


The snake does look awesome, only issue – I said I’d do one for his sister. I might try a different stuffing technique for that one.

Striped Snake by Sarah Anne Thompson – free Ravelry download. Good stash buster, the size of snake is dependent on the yarn. This snake used worsted weight.

After an intensive week of snake knitting I decided to knit my dad a hat as he said he lost his. Translate “lost” into “misplaced” and it became clear that he didn’t need a new hat but since I’d cast on the hat I decided to knit it anyway. I knit the hat in Lion Brand Hand-dyed Wool Ease and since it was a worsted weight yarn I was pleased to finish it off in two days. The only issue was the retirement home he’s staying at has restricted all visitor access while the Coronavirus is going around so I guess the hat will become a fall hat God willing.

Watch Cap by Carri Hammett: Hat Power 5.0. Yarn by Lion Brand Hand-dyed Wool Ease, colour S’Mores.

My husband is modelling the hat. This yarn has a tendency to pool and I’m wondering if that’s why it was such a good deal at Michaels.

After I’d done the hat I felt the need to use up one of the Caron Latte cakes I have sitting around the house. This doesn’t sound like an issue but having listened to a recent blog cast by a fellow crafter, I became aware that Michaels had deeply discounted some discontinued colours of the latte cakes. The regular price of a latte cake is $11.99 a cake. The clearance price dropped the price to $3.99 a cake, I may have bought too many.


Is this all the latte cakes I have? Well no, I bought a lot at the beginning of the fall season because last spring they reduced the latte cakes and I only caught the tail end of that sale. I had bought a couple of cakes and knit them up and discovered how much I loved the drape and feel of the yarn. I figured I’d never see the latte cakes again so I did buy a few when they re-released the yarn.


So lots and lots of latte cakes just waiting to be used. What to make, hmm well maybe a poncho. I decided to make the poncho for one of my granddaughters out of the only skein of Pink Melon I had. It was another quick project taking me only two days to finish. The really annoying thing was that towards the end I figured on running out of yarn so I ended up buying another cake. I didn’t need the extra cake as I ended up with 1 yard of leftover yarn (I kid you not). I had braved the corona infested hoards for nothing and I’m not going back out to return the ball of yarn.

Yarnspirations free patterns title “Bernat Girl’s Crochet Poncho”. Crocheted using 1 cake of Caron Latte colour “Pink Melon”.

I see more ponchos, shawls, afghans in the future to be made.


Tie Dyes and More

Again it’s been a while since I’ve posted, so easy to procrastinate and put off writing the blog. Anyhow, my daughter who owns a food truck decided to enter a few butter tart festivals in February to keep herself occupied during her slack time and she asked if I wanted to do a few tie dyes and sit at her booth.

I’ve never tried to sell my tie dyes to the public before so I thought it’d be interesting to try. I did read a forum post about selling to the public and realized from the post that I didn’t have the proper setup. I just had a spot at the table beside the butter tarts. It’s a good thing I didn’t have great expectations because over the two shows I only sold three shirts. People were there to buy butter tarts not summer t-shirts. As one lady put it, “You should try selling these at Campfest.” As I was dyeing shirts and trying to fill in spots for inventory it also made me realize what a big commitment it’d be to run an actual booth at a proper craft show. I need to have several patterns in various sizes, dozens upon dozens of shirts. Then to make back the money for my table I’d have to sell a dozen shirts before I’d even break even. I can see why people sell online.

Here are a few of the shirts I did, not sure why some of the other photos didn’t turn out.

I’ve also been busy knitting and crocheting some winter gear and afghans. A couple of months ago I discovered that the local Dollar stores were carrying Lion Brand’s Homespun Thick and Quick yarn for $4 a ball. This yarn normally goes for $12.99 at Michaels craft stores. I guess they’d gotten the yarn because it was the discontinued colours. I think what happened was each store was shipped three boxes of yarn and each store had random colours. It became a game to find all the different stores in my area and see what colours they carried. The stores only put out a box at a time so I was continually returning to see if anything new was on the shelves. I ended up spending a lot of money over $300 but calculated the same amount of yarn would have cost me over $800 full price.

The first afghan I made was supposed to be a shoulder shrug but I didn’t bother sewing up the side seams deeming the piece looked better as a lapghan. The second afghan I decided to crochet in the typical wave pattern. It was here that I fell in love with the yarn. There was so much more texture with crocheting than knitting and I loved the chunkiness of it all so I went out and bought as many different colours that I could. I had to buy the neutral white and beige to fill in.

Granddaughter showing off knitted Afghan. Lion Brand Thick and Quick colour Herb Garden. Pattern, Emily Bronte Topper by Lion Brand Emily Bronte Topper

Lion Brand Thick and Quick colours Barley, Garnet and Pearls.
Pattern, Spa Garden Ripple Afghan by Lion Brand, Spa Garden Ripple Afghan

Lion Brand Thick and Quick colours Wildberries, Periwinkle and Dove.
Pattern same as above but four rows of each colour repeated.

Lastly here are a few photos of a few winter knits.

Lion Brand Ferris Wheel colour Pink Marmalade and Berroco Alpaca black.
Pattern, Rainbow Maze Hat by Gretchen Tracy.

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Hand Dyed colour Peanut Butter & Jelly.
Pattern Yakima Ear Warmer By Justine Bent.

Puff Pillows

I have been doing the Marie Kondo thing and ripping apart the house. It’s an on-going process that’s been lasting months. The Marie Kondo method of cleaning involves looking at an object and asking yourself, does it bring me joy? If the object does then it stays in the keep pile, if not then it gets discarded/donated. I have a lot of craft supplies squirrelled away. I’d say 98% of it brings me joy but it takes up a lot of room. The only way I’m going to get rid of this stuff is to use it up, this is where the puff pillows come in.

What to do with dozens of balls of dollar store, made in China, knock off fun fur? I’ve had this yarn sitting in my stash for probably 8-9 years. I bought it to make hats, scarves or something for the grandkids. It suddenly occurred to me that I could make pillows out of them and give them away for Christmas. Surely the kids will like furry colourful pillows? Regardless the stash pile is dwindling somewhat, everybody gets a pillow (insert evil laugh – whaa haha).

Each pillow was knit on a 6.5 mm 24” cable needle. The square pillows had a cast-on of about 80 stitches and took 8 balls of yarn. They fit an ikea 20” pillow insert and although the finished tube isn’t 20” square , it stretches to fit the pillow no problem. I cast on 100 stitches for the 16” x 26” pillow and knit 10 balls of yarn because that’s all I had in those colours. I probably could have knit another four balls of yarn to make it fit better but I had to go with what I had but the resulting pillow is pretty tight.



Nice mindless knitting in the round and the finished pillows do look awesome. Whether the grandkids like them is another story but I guess if the pillow doesn’t Bring them joy they can always donate them.