Gotta Love It

There is something so exhilarating about a bargain that to quote a phrase “it warms the cockles of my heart”.  Take today for instance. I had decided that I would get around to doing my discharge piece for a swap I was participating in and that I would attempt to try the Shibori technique mokume on it.


Mokume (wood-grain effect) consists of off-set gathered rows of stitching that are pulled very tightly to provide a resist so that when you dye or discharge it some of the original material is left unaffected by the dye or discharge solution. My first attempt at this technique has been so-so but the areas of cloth that did work looked fabulous hence the desire to do it again.


I took a piece of black Kona cotton, folded it in half and marked out my rows 1 1/2 inches apart. Realising that it was going to take forever to thread the rows by hand I wanted a longer needle so that I could gather in as many stitches in one go before pulling the nylon upholstery thread through the material.  Hmm…no long needles with a skinny shaft…ah – bright idea, there may be some at the dollar store down the street so off I go.


This dollar store is incredible as it has a craft section that contains beading, scrap-booking, floral and sewing supplies. I mean that’s all you’d ever want in a dollar store right?  I’m standing there glorifying in the fact that not only do they have needles but that they have needles in every shape size and form…and best of all…they’re only a buck a packet. 


I left the store mentally chuckling to myself and rubbing my hands together in typical glee. It didn’t matter that I now had two packets of all-purpose needles, quilting needles, beading needles, tailor’s chalk and had spent twice as much money as I probably would have on needles elsewhere.  The fact is “I GOT A DEAL!!!” I mean think of the money I saved by buying all that stuff at a dollar a pop instead of paying full price.  It is after all the principle of the thing you know. 


Dollar store finds



One response to “Gotta Love It

  1. Hehehe – you shop like me….vbg. Can’t resist a bargain and goodness knows those “bargains” are filling my sewing room to the rafters…sigh.

    Welcome to blogging – it’s very addictive.


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