Discharge revisited

It would seem that yesterday’s catastrophe might not be the mistake I thought it was. It’s been pointed out to me that not all fabrics will discharge to white when a discharge agent is applied. Apparently it is quite common to have a residual colour left over after the discharge is finished and the left-over colour is dependent on the discharge chemical used.

I guess this is where practise and experimentation comes into play. I’d had a sneaking suspicion that the whole process wasn’t as straight forward as it seemed and I guess I was right which leads us to today’s phrase “Practise makes perfect”.

I guess my fabric piece wasn’t a total loss and if you’re into grey grunge then it’s perfect. If fact I have a feeling that I’m limited by my own creativity because I’m sure someone else could take this cloth and do wonderful things with it so what does that say about me?


Black Kona Discharge piece

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