Blue Skies and Parfaits

It’s turned out to be a gorgeous day today, which is quite a treat seeing as how it was so grey and wet this morning. There is nothing like the sun breaking through a grey October sky to improve one’s mood.

 The weather temperature-wise has been unreal this fall with warmer temperatures than normal. Global warming comes to mind, which is a scary thought, but seeing as how it’s not going to go away as of this instant I have resolved to try and enjoy myself. There has been enough of a nip to change the colour of the leaves but not enough cold to make them drop all at once which is usually the case. The autumn colours seem to last about 2-3 weeks and then poof overnight all the leaves seem to drop. Not so this year as the leaves seem to be hanging on forever.

Yesterday was a crafty day with lots of sewing on a miniture quilt I’m putting together for a bingo gift. Our swap group has a word bingo contest every few months with the previous winner choosing the topic of words to be used in the game. Last month I won and received a beautiful book of folk art designs to be crafted. I decided this month that since it was fall I would make a small quilt with some autumn colours in it. To tell the truth the quilt has been fussy to make and I keep asking myself why did I choose a miniature quilt to do? Anyhow, all that’s left to do is to sew the rows together, sew a border and quilt it and I’ll be done. The colours didn’t quite turn out how I envisioned them but it sure is colourful.

I also did a Stormy Grey gradation yesterday to which I added Grecian Rose as an additive. I took it down to eight steps but you can’t really tell a difference between the seventh and the eighth step. It was interesting because the two darkest steps turned a soft muted purple; something I wasn’t expecting. I guess the grey had more blue in it than I thought. I took the leftover dye and decided to throw them together to create a fabric parfait. I’m not to sure about the results because the Grecian Rose is just a little to bright for my tastes but it was interesting to see the stormy grey look green in spots.

It’s always interesting to see how the dyes breakdown and the resultant colours you end up with. Will post a picture of the quilt when it’s done.


Stormy gray gradation with Grecian Rose additive

Stormy Grey – Grecian Rose Parfait

One response to “Blue Skies and Parfaits

  1. Stormy Grey and Grecian Rose are two of my favorite colors. Hadn’t done them together but they are beautiful!!!

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