Pole Shibori and Stamps

It’s been an interesting past couple of days. As the bingo hostess I’ve been setting up the current game. I get to pick the subject from which the words revolve around and since Australia has been near and dear to my heart lately I choose Aussie slang words.

I provided links to several online dictionaries and have enjoyed reading all the interesting words that have crossed my email the last few days. I think the group will be having great fun with this and it’ll be an interesting challenge to try and use some of the vocabulary in my postings as I hand out the words.

The “Path to Hell” quilt is still sitting there waiting for me to start quilting it. I can’t believe I had to spend $7.69 for “one” spool of quilting thread to finish it off; it just seems so offensive.  I checked the Internet, it seems to be the going rate for the brand I bought.

On another note, a friend told me about a new faster way to do pole wrapping. It’s called “fast food shibori” by the two artists who created the technique out of the “Lunn” studios in the states. There’s a clip on the “Simply Quilts” website demonstrating this technique. I’d put up the link but I’m not sure if we’re allowed to put links in our blogs and right now I’m to lazy to find out. If anyone really wants to know post me a comment and I’ll email you the link.

The first four fat quarters I tried turned out so-so as I was rather random with the dyeing. I’d had them shoved up together and just sort of squirted colours together going down the pole. Well when I took the fabric off I had one piece that was composed of two colours but the other three fat quarters were a mish-mash, interesting but not practical.

I tried again the next day but this time I took three fat quarters and pre-dyed them a solid colour (well solid mottled at any rate). I left one piece white to see what effect I would get from applying a single colour to the piece on the pole. I then over-dyed the different pieces.

One turned out quite spectacular – Golden yellow with Boysenberry overdye. The others were fine as well but more subdued. I’ve left the golden-yellow-boysenberry as is but tried stamping the other three pieces today with Lumiere paint. One turned out great the other two are again so-so. The Intense blue gave me some problems at the start because of the stamps I tried using and then at the end where one flower petal didn’t stamp. It does not work to try and apply paint with a brush on a stamped image as it just smears and looks like crap. It really seems to make a difference what type of stamp you use. I improved as I went along but the best piece was the first one I tried – the gold leaf blue.


Bronze Leaf

Bronze Flower

Golden yellow overdyed with Boysenberry

Gold Leaf

4 responses to “Pole Shibori and Stamps

  1. I love love love the golden yellow/boysenberry and the white/black (or is that blue?) arashi piece you did, really stunning! I am starting some shibori pieces today which will overdye a base color…making silk sarongs. Your work is really inspiring, thanks for sharing it!

  2. Alie van Schouwenburg

    Your fabric looks beautiful. Would you be so kind to send me the link for the “fast food shibori” ? I am not able to find it. It seems interesting to me because my hands are sometimes painful, which makes the folding difficult.

    Alie van Schouwenburg


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