Bright sunny day and chirping birdies

Woke up to a dreary overcast day this morning around eight am and then realised what I thought was the hissing of the rain was actually the hot air coming through the heating vent and because the government thought it would be more energy efficient to delay, by a week, the process of setting the clocks back an hour, the overcast skies were…well darkness.  You can tell by this sentence that I’m not my brightness in the morning can’t you?

Anyhow, just a gorgeous day today with the freezing temperatures of yesterday being replaced by warmer weather today. The sun was shining, the birdies chirping, I went for a walk; just ace as the Australians would say (can you tell I’m being influenced by hosting the Aussie word bingo?).

I have a bird feeder that I bought a couple of months back. It’s amazing how unobservant I was about spotting birds until I set this cage up. I had it down in the back yard hanging from a dead cherry tree and it was great watching all the different types of birds come to feed and the squirrels frolicking around scrounging for sunflower seeds. The only problem with this set-up was that every so often the racoons would come around at night and hit it. After coping with several broken links in the chain, running down at night to bring it into the house and the onset of colder weather I’ve decided to hang it on the porch outside the kitchen door.

I was worried Nicky the cat would be a problem but he just lays there sleeping away and the birds don’t seem to mind. I took several pictures but the camera isn’t a fancy one so the quality is on the poor side but it gives you an idea. So far I’ve seen blue jays, house finches, sparrows, cardinals, nut thatches, morning doves, flickers, robins, downy woodpeckers, chickadees and grackles. A few of these have moved on to warmer climes now.


Blue Jays 
Squirrel – let me in, let me in!    

House finches

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