It’s Done

Finally completed the Aussie word bingo quilt today. It was as difficult to quilt as I anticipated because of all the thick seams but I did get rather proficient at stab stitching and although a few went wild, most were fine and you’d be hard put to know they were stab stitches instead of regular ones. There are a few other small things but I’m not going to point them out and I’m pleased with how it turned out…my very first hand-dyed quilt.

Next in the project box is a scarf for my son that I’ve been working on for a year. Long time but in reality one of those projects you start with good intentions and then drop through sheer boredom.

Wintry overcast looking skies but the temperature is in the fifties and I rather doubt it’ll rain. The guy two doors over has been banging away putting up a shed and I’m “green with envy” or maybe I should be black with envy seeing as that’s the colour of the wood. I’ve been wanting a shed for the past couple of years but a lack of interest on the hubby’s part has resulted in nothing. We seem to be that type of couple that has lots of ideas but no real oomph to put behind them…oh well, such is life.


Aussie bingo quilt
Aussie word bingo quilt

3 responses to “It’s Done

  1. TOTALLY awesome. This is one kangaroo race I really want to win!!!!!

  2. It is gorgeous!!! You need to try pulling out more of my words so I can win!! I’m sure Kelly will try bribing for this one since purple is her FAV color. Vicky

  3. It’s gorgeous. Makes me sorry I didn’t have time (or energy) for bingo this time. Am having fun following the “strine”, though. (Has anyone picked my fave word – “dag”?)

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