Tie-dye tank and socks

I’ve been lazy about posting the last couple of days, well make that lazy period as in nothing new accomplished so no posts.

Had a nocturnal visit from the local neighborhood coonies. It always seems that each year there are three of them. Usually there is a mama coon and her three babies that come to visit our cherry tree. Last year was a bumper crop for the tree after two years of non-flowering. Well the tree was loaded with fruit but I think it was the last hurrah because the tree has “kicked the bucket” except for a few branches. The racoons still tend to check us out though and see what they can find to eat, which in this case was the seed from the bird feeders I forgot to pull into the house. I flicked on the porch light to discover them munching away bold as ever. I scared them off but they only hide until I go into the house and then they come back. They spilled quite a bit of seed from the smaller feeder but then proceeded to clean it up scooping up the seeds with their little paws and into their mouths.

I love over-sized anything probably because I’m over-sized myself and I hate tight clothing so I ordered a couple of tanks from Dharma which arrived a couple of days ago. I like loose clothing to exercise in because it doesn’t trap the heat so since I plan on joining the gym in a couple of weeks when the weather gets colder I thought I’d dye up a couple of tie-dyes. I may not be a fashion statement but you won’t miss spotting me. It should be interesting, maybe I’ll be working out hard enough the tank will match the colour of my face.
Purple tank top
Eggplant, blue-purple and boysenberry.

If you look closely you can see the “Where’s Waldo” scarf I’m “supposed” to be finishing.  I haven’t touched the thing since I last posted, ah well, there’s always next year. I have a sock swap with one of my forum groups so I used all of the left-over dye and then made up some Caymen Island green to use on the pole shibori socks. The Caymen Island green is a funny dye in that when it’s on the fabric it looks a really nice green but then the green seems to go down the drain and you’re left with more blue than green, I don’t know why because I don’t think the batching time is a factor.

Unfortunately the socks could only be had in 85% cotton so there is heathering at the bottom of the sock but since that is the part that will be inside the shoe, it’s no biggie.


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