More Scarves

I’ve been busy these past couple of weeks working on some scarves to give away for charity. I’d picked up some yarn last year at the dollar store; one of those finds that you just happen upon when the store has gotten in an odd-lot shipment. This was some “eyelash” yarn in variegated colours and I thought for a couple of bucks I’d give it a try. The first ball I used I cast-on 22 stitches but somehow ended up with 24 – easy to do with eyelash yarn. I continued knitting to the end of the ball at which point I realised it wasn’t going to work out so I started over with a cast-on of 15 stitches. Its amazing the difference a few stitches will make and the scarf ended up an acceptable length at two balls of yarn. My chiropractor’s office is sponsoring a family this Christmas and when I asked what was needed scarves were on the list so I’m happy and I hope the girls in the family enjoy the scarves.Two scarfs
Scarves made with eyelash yarn.

I used up the last of my leftover indigo dye on a yard piece thinking to make this into some kind of tote. I have visions of cutting out the pieces and then doing some kind of Shiva paintstik pattern on the material – similar to the one I did a couple of posts ago.

I have to admit to being inspired by the beautiful purses created by Catherine over on Calidore, she has some great ideas; I just haven’t found anything I like as well as the ones she has done. Oh well, the idea is to do up a few totes to be used as recyclable shopping bags and give them to my two daughters as part of their Christmas presents.Indigo fabric
Indigo fabric waiting to be turned into a tote.

One last thing I thought I’d post a picture of is a kitchen oven towel I finished yesterday. I’m sure most people have seen these things at bazaars everywhere but it does make a quick “I’m thinking of you” Christmas present. The idea is to take a kitchen towel and cut it in half. Sew along the cut edge with a zigzag stitch to re-enforce the edge for more strength – you could also serge it. Then take some matching yarn and crochet along the top.  To start off, use a tiny crochet hook (the kind used for dollies) to poke holes along the edge for your base row.  After the initial row is created switch to a larger hook for the second row. You work about an inch or two in your favourite stitch and then begin to decrease evenly along the rows until you have about six or seven stitches left for your tab. I make the tab long enough that when folded over it will fit around a stove handle. About two rows before the end skip a couple of stitches in the middle of the row to leave an opening for the button; don’t forget to pick up the missed stitches on the next row.  These instructions are pretty general but it’s just one of those things you pick up and do, you don’t really need to count stitches you just eyeball it. One kitchen towel will make two oven towels.
Christmas towel
Kitchen oven towel.


2 responses to “More Scarves

  1. Love the scarves and that wool knits up so quickly. My Grandma made heaps of those kitchen towels – they are so handy. Well done – your craft work is wonderful.

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