Winter Has Arrived

Well winter arrived sometime last night while I was asleep. We had a good visit with my daughter and future son-in-law and better yet the trip back home was a good one. Unfortunately this wasn’t so on another one of our Ontario highways where there was a 30-car pile-up on Highway 400.

The weather was milder this morning with the result that when we came out of church at noon we were all scrapping ice off the car windows from the freezing rain that had started during service.

Anyhow I’m home safe and sound and “snug as a bug”. I took a couple of pictures just for effect. The first three are interesting in that they show some squirrel tracks coming up to the front porch wall, then a peanut on our mailbox and then tracks continuing on along the front garden. I was wondering how the peanut got on the mailbox until my husband pointed out the tracks. The squirrel must have climbed the wall to get there. I guess with all of the snow he wanted an obvious place to stash the nut.
Squirrel prints 1
Squirrel prints leading up to front porch.

Peanut on mailbox.

Squirrel prints 2
Prints heading away from house.

Front of house
Winter has come. Looking out across the street from front of house.


The pictures are kind of grey and dingy because that’s exactly what the day is – dull and overcast. The picture of the backyard was taken through the kitchen window because I was too chicken to go out on the deck in the cold.


One response to “Winter Has Arrived

  1. Snow sure looks beautiful but I am glad we don’t have it here. (g) Stay safe and warm!

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