More Teddy Bears

I’ve been busy over the past week doing more knitting and crocheting  but mostly I’ve been busy making a Christmas present for one of my daughters. She likes flannel pj’s bottoms so I’ve been busy making up a pair of those. I had seen some teddy bear material in Walmart so winged it and bought two metres. Well sure enough I needed an extra .4 metres so I ended up having to buy enough for one of the leg patterns.

So what to do with the extra material? I decided that I would buy some matching flannel and make her a lap quilt to snuggle in to watch television at night. The quilt is just a very simple pattern and made up quickly. It took longer to do the machine quilting – again very simple stitch in the ditch quilting. Finally the binding which is always time consuming but it’s done and I’m pleased with the results and I hope she will be as well. The picture is kind of busy. I folded over the bottom of the quilt to show the blue flannel backing and the pj’s are folded in half.
Teddy bear pj’s
Teddy bear pj’s and lap quilt


4 responses to “More Teddy Bears

  1. Very nice quilt and pj’s.

  2. Great quilt and pj bottoms. Your daughter will love them. Judi

  3. I LOVE those!! What a wonderful idea! She is just going to love them, great work, thank you for sharing.

  4. I really love those pj’s and quilt Karen. She will love them too. They should keep her nice and toasty.

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