Colour Gradations

Well in the midst of frantically trying to get Christmas presents done, two of my orders arrived this week. One order was from Hawaii and had my three Shiva paintstiks – iridescent copper, silver and gold plus three jars of MX dye from Dharma (Kathy the owner of Hana Lima Hand Dyes had kindly sent them on to me). The other order was from ProChem and also had dyes in the package along with some urea and potato dextrin.

 I use the urea to help dissolve the dye powder into water; it is also used as a humicant in my tie-dye shirts to help retain the moisture. You want the fabric to remain moist so the dye continues to bond with the fabric. The potato dextrin is mixed up much like mashed potatoes and spread thinly onto the fabric. You let your piece dry and then bang it up a bit to crack the dextrin into fine lines. The dye is then applied overtop the fabric to give a crackle appearance to the fabric piece – something to try after the New Year. Hopefully it turns out better than the discharge fiasco.

Anyhow, I’ve done several gradations over the past two days and thought I would post them down below for people to see what the different colours look like. The first group of four I’d already cut out before thinking of using the camera. They look on the small side but still give you an idea of what the colour looks like.
ProChem’s: Rose Wine, Olive, Country Blue, Butterscotch

Dharma’s burgundy
Dharma’s Burgundy

Dharma’s Navy Blue
Dharma’s Navy Blue

ProChem’s Pagoda Red
ProChem’s Pagoda Red

ProChem’s Rosewood
ProChem’s Rosewood (more a peach in real life)


3 responses to “Colour Gradations

  1. Karen, Your gradations turned out great!!! Judi

  2. Great fabrics! Thanks for sharing the photos. I bought some potato dextrin, too, but have never used it, so I will be glued to your experiments. Love the look of fabrics done with it, though! Michelle

  3. Beautiful gradations Karen! Yummy!

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