More Christmas crafts

The time is running out and I don’t think I’ll be getting everything done that I want to but that seems to be the case every Christmas. I seem to be very inefficient with my time but I must say that I’ve done more crafting this year than normal so I’m thankful. I think I’ve gotten more done in part because this blog motivates me to continually post stuff, which was one of the reasons for creating it in the first place. I’ve also made more gifts because I feel a need to get away from the commercialism of Christmas and return to homemade gifts. The kids are older now so hopefully they will appreciate the time and effort that goes into making something for them, we’ll see.

I got the idea of the crayon roll from a site that Catherine over on Calidore posted – “Sew Mama Sew” and from that site a link to a tutorial by Cindy of the website “Skip to My Lou”

 I had trouble with the rick rack but will do better with my second attempt since I now know where to put the placement of the trim. I plan on giving a couple of these away to some of the smaller children in the church.

The hat gave me all kinds of trouble, which I guess can happen when you substitute one kind of yarn for another. I ran out of the yarn that I’d used in the scarf and when I went to buy some more I discovered they no longer make that kind of yarn so what I did was to use the same kind of yarn but in black and then pick up stitches along the brim and add a rolled brim for extra length. The hazards of buying yarn on a whim and then not using it for a year. You can’t really see the main colour of the hat but the scarf gives an idea of the colour. This hat and scarf set is modeled by Buffy the Kola Bear and her baby.
Buffy the kola

Lastly more Christmas hand towels to give away as small gifts to some people I know at church. I’ll be making up a batch of my famous peanut brittle and tucking a small bag in with them as well.
More Christmas towels


One response to “More Christmas crafts

  1. Those crayons carriers are so neat the kids should love them. I also like the towels and the idea of peanut brittle sounds yummy. Your little bear is so cute with the hat and scarf. I agree about making things for others its lots more fun then standing in line at Walmart, Target and such. Whomever gets these items are really lucky. Judi

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