Lots and Lots of Crayons

Well I had a busy night last night as the day was totally shot what with working out at the gym and going with my younger son to an eye examination. I started around 8:00 p.m. and worked until around 12:45 a.m. trying to finish off the crayon rolls I’d started the other day. They took longer than I would have expected but then again I’m a slow sewer and I was watching youtube clips as I worked. I just have a few more towels to make and then can start bundling stuff together for church.
More Crayon Rolls
More Crayon Rolls

I haven’t gotten anything for stocking stuffers. I think stocking stuffers are my nemisis as I’m always at a loss as to what to get for them. It was simple when we were kids as the big treats were lovely apples and oranges and other small treats. Now-a-days getting apples and oranges are as common as a walk to the grocery store to buy them. I find stuffing the stockings a really expensive proposition, perhaps if I didn’t have four adult kids it wouldn’t be as bad but I estimate that I spend well over a hundred dollars by the time I’m done. This is “hard to swallow” as by this time buying the Christmas presents for the kids has gotten well up into mega bucks as far as I’m concerned so what to do, what to do?

I’ve enjoyed seeing all of the helpful little gifts that people have been so creative to make and these would be great gift ideas but I’m running out of time and starting to panic – well as much as I ever panic that is.  There is also the fact that I’ve mis-calculated dates and somehow Christmas arrives on Tuesday instead of Wednesday like I’d planned so I’ve lost a day. I’m also apparently having company over for Christmas dinner on Sunday (or Monday) now, as well as preparing Christmas brunch. I guess this would be okay but I still haven’t cleaned the house or done other numerous chores – such as even sitting down and planning what the Christmas eating festivities are going to be about.

I’m reading this and thinking what a self-indulgent whine it is because the reality is we’re a middle-class family that doesn’t really have any money worries aside from the normal everyday stuff that you usually worry about. I’m “happy to have a roof over my head and food on the table” as the saying goes. There are so many others that are probably thinking “if only I had her cares and worries”.  So back on topic, what to do? Well getting off the computer and doing something would be a start, so with that I’ll close and post one final picture. If anyone is interested, it takes about an hour to do one of these crayon rolls, less if you have an asembly line going. The link to the tutorial is in my previous post.
Unfolded crayon rolls
Opened Crayon Rolls


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