Still Busy

Well I’d like to say Christmas is finally over but we still have John’s side of the family to meet on Sunday for dinner. I’ve been madly rushing to try and finish a bed jacket that I’ve been crocheting for my mother-in-law. This thing seems to be taking forever, probably because I’m using sport-weight yarn. I bought a cone of this yarn back around 20 years ago and I’m finally putting it to use. I’m wondering how much yarn was on this thing because although I’ve been going through it like crazy it seems like I’ve hardly made a dent in it. It’ll probably be put away and pulled out again when the grandbabies start arriving.

Today I bought some Christmas fabric that was on sale. I have had some ideas for projects for quite a while now but have never gotten around to them. I’ve decided to start working at the beginning of the year and carry on until December. I don’t know if I’ll actually do this but it seems like a plan. The material is just beautiful and a bargin at 60% off. Some of the pieces could be used for projects other than Christmas. The patterns are subtle and the colours rich, it reminds me of the Thimbleberry brand of prints.

I’ve also stocked up on more Christmas towels and yarn. I think I have about three years worth of  supplies now. These tea towels are really nice quality ones and at the reduced price work out to about $1.50 a towel. I cut the towels in half so I get two oven towels out of one tea towel. The yarn wasn’t reduced when I looked at the price but since it was Christmas yarn and the Christmas stuff was half-price I thought why not ask and so I was able to buy it reduced as well. I figure it’ll cost me about $1.50 to make one oven towel. It’s not very much but its the thought that counts. I love giving them to the seniors because they love getting a little treat. I put some peanut brittle with the towels I gave away this year.  It’s nice to be remembered.

I’ll post some pictures hopefully tomorrow of the bed jacket and fabric…assuming I get it done.


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