Bed Jacket and Christmas Fabric

Well I finally finished the bed jacket, I’m just hoping it will fit my mother-in-law and that she’ll like it. If not I guess she can give it away to another lady at the seniors. The pattern is by Ceil Cummings.
Bed Jacket
Bed Jacket

And here are the Christmas fabrics that I bought on sale.
Christmas fabric 1

Christmas fabric 2

Christmas fabric 3

You can’t see it very well but most of the fabric has shiney gold in amongst the berries, flowers, etc. I wonder how well the gold washes up. I guess it won’t matter because whatever I make will only be hauled out once a year anyway.


2 responses to “Bed Jacket and Christmas Fabric

  1. Busy gal!! I think the gold washes good or the companies wouldn’t use it so much. I bought some when I went to CA 2 yrs ago but need to find some more fabrics to go with it.

  2. Nice bed jacket. I hope it fits. Its always nice to get fabric on sale. Judi

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