Yarn Scarf

I thought I would share a picture of this lovely scarf that my sister-in-law made for me as a Christmas gift. The colours are my favorites and the scarf is just beautiful.  My SIL made a scarf for each of the women in our family so that we all got one at our annual Christmas dinner. The remarkable thing is that she matched each scarf to the owner’s personality. Everyone that came to dinner was wearing a top that matched the colours in her scarf, I was amazed at how observant she is that she could do this. I guess some people just have the knack, L certainly does.

Louise’s scarf
Yarn scarf

The scarf is made up of a number of lengths of different yarns and then knotted at either end. Very simple to do but I think the talent is in choosing the various yarns that go together. I thought this would be really expensive to make but she said that most of the yarn she bought was from the dollar store. This impressed me to no end because I’d be paying out the $4.99 a ball at the craft store, so I’ll be keeping an eye out at the local shop from now on.

Yarn scarf
Close-up of individual yarn threads.


3 responses to “Yarn Scarf

  1. Very nice, what a cleaver idea for a scarf. I never thought of the dollar store need to go there more often. Judi

  2. I just love this scarf, I to would like to make one for my six sisters and three sister in laws, these colours are beautiful together

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