January Blah!

Well January seems to be the month of blah! Blah weather, blah craft accomplishments and blah…dieting and exercising.

I’ve noticed it’s been almost a week since I last posted and really there hasn’t been much of anything done in that time, I’m going to blame it on the diet I started this past Monday and the lack of energy that entails. Sunday night as I was going to bed it dawned on me – well actually I’d been thinking about my lack of diet and exercise for a while – that I was going on a cruise in six weeks.

Now most people would be estatic to be going on a cruise in the middle of winter but all I could think of was that here I was at the heaviest point in my life and I had nothing to wear. Now granted as I looked back in my FitDay program I noticed that I was only three pounds heavier than the previous January but – and make that a big BUTT – it was still the heaviest I’d ever been in my life. The idea last year was to lose weight not put it on.

I’d made some inane comment on my SIL’s blog about being happy with losing 5-6 pounds at the end of the year – this being pulled from stats that losing 5% of one’s body weight in a year is a resonable goal. I made this comment back in January of 2007 thinking yah I can pull that off, wrong! I have no excuse, in fact I even had two goals one of which was the cruise the other is my daughter’s wedding this coming September. The one where I will transform from errant tie-dye flower power mother into “mother of the bride”. All I can think of is if I don’t lose the weight I’ll be some flowered blimp at the wedding. My daughter (with steely glint in her eye) has informed me that yes I will wear a “nice” dress.

So with “Biggest Loser” in mind for inspiration and visions of virtual trainers as I work out at the gym, I have been dieting and exercising all week long. I dropped weight quickly and then nothing for the last two days but that’s okay because it means I’m over losing the water weight and I’m now starting in on the actually fat. Hopefully I’ll lose at least two pounds a week from now on in and maybe more. Problem is even if I lose weight I still don’t have any clothes to fit. I’m going to have to get busy I guess and start sewing…or buying.

Anyhow starvation works wonders for the brain…as in I can’t think. The brain cells, poor little babies, need food to function. All I’ve been doing is sitting at the computer wondering when I’m going to get the gumption to do anything and when I get off the computer I’m wondering what the heck is it I want to do followed by more dithering and “is it time to eat yet?” We’ll see how long this lasts, hopefully long enough to lose major weight but…butt….

What I’m trying to say here is sorry no crafts this week, maybe next.


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