Well two blogs in one day, what is life coming to? I’ve decided to document this to provide motivation for moi. Some before and after pictures of my son’s room. The goal here is to be able to walk around the room without stepping on stuff and to clean out the closet. Normally I’m quite happy to let them live in their own mess and have for years but the clean-up is for me. I need the closet space in order to clean up some of my messes, in other words – I’m out of storage space for all my crafting stuff. So without further ado, here it is:

Jon’s room 1
Jon’s room view 1
Jon’s room 2
View 2
Jon’s room 3
View 3
Jon’s room 4
View 4
Jon’s room 5
View 5

Hopefully within the next week this will all be clean and I can have some pictures of nicely stacked piles of fabric, yarn and what not in the closet and a room that you can actually walk around in.

I think I’ll be moving the bed around, why he decided putting it up against the window was a good idea I’ll never know.  Actually I do know, he thought it would be great to sit on the end of the bed to get at his desk without a chair – does he ever use his desk – that’d be a big NO! I figure he’ll be so pleased to have a clean room he won’t complain – guess I’ll find out.


3 responses to “Clean-up

  1. Good luck! That looks like one heck of a mess. 🙂

  2. Ok so maybe my sons room isn’t as bad as I first thought…..roflmol. Good luck with the cleaning – could I suggest a shovel – shovel it straight out the window….wicked grin. Have fun.

  3. Holy crap! That’s unacceptable. I would seriously blackmail them in some form into cleaning up. I though I left crap lying around, but that’s ridiculous.

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