Crocheted Squares

I have been working on crocheting up some squares for an afghan this past month. With six more left to do the goal is almost within sight of getting this project done. I rediscovered this UFO when browsing for some Christmas yarn in the corner of my room where I stash the excess yarn. To give you an idea of how old this project is, I started on this little gem when my daughter was in first year university. It was to match the comforter that she bought to go on her twin size bed. Well she has been graduated for a year and out working in that time. The kicker is that she went through for optometry which is a seven year program so this UFO has been sitting around for eight years, yikes!!

Crocheted squares
Not a great picture but you get the idea.

The problem is, it just seems like yesterday. Where does the time fly by so quickly? I seem to be getting old really fast. When I rejoined the gym last month it had been eight years since I last joined this particular gym. A lot of the people that were working out eight years ago are still there working out. They aren’t any slimmer or buff but they are working out. The thing is I walk into the gym and see these people and all I can think of is “boy do they ever look old”. You come to the realization that perhaps they are thinking the same thing of yourself, awk!


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