Only A Mother Would…

When after reading her son’s email this morning about not throwing out any bits that might look insignificant…run out to the curbside before the garbage man came… to root through a bag of garbage looking for anything that might be of significance.
Jon’s junk
Jon’s junk

I don’t know, what do you think? Looks like junk to me – a rusted bolt, I mean really. I got to thinking that maybe he picked up the bolt while he was a camp counsilor, who knows. I need a box – a very big box.

On another note, here is a picture of the Nutmeg gradation that will be going out today for January’s gradation swap in one of my fabric dyeing forums.
Nutmeg gradation
ProChem’s Nutmeg.

I tried to get the camera to focus, used extra lighting and what not because I hate fuzzy pictures of fabric but nothing seemed to work to bring it into that extra bit of clarity. I don’t know what caused this but I’m thinking maybe the fabric surface itself? This gradation was done using P&B PFD 115″. I normally use the 45″ wide material but since I already had this one done I went with it. The 115″ has just that slightly bit fuzzier nap to it than the 45″ fabric so maybe that accounts for the slightly out of focus look I’m getting with the camera. Anyhow you get the idea of the colour regardless.

Hmmm….garbage man just came.


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