The Saga Continues…

Well I’m still cleaning and probably will be over the next few days as slow and steady wins the race? In the email I received this morning my son said “Be careful of the bed. It’s heavy and the metal frame is a killer”. Now having seen him tote the mattress and box spring into the hall as he re-arranged his room however many months ago it was, his warning inspired visions of cut shins and stubbed toes along with backs being put out with the strain of moving said queen-sized bed.

I’m in the middle of having moved the bookcases and the hundreds of books in them, looking at all of the furniture, turtle tank (30 gallons and it “is” heavy) and desk and I’m thinking to myself – the wallpaper is about 15 years old, the carpet is 28 years old and everything but the bed needs to be replaced because it’s old and shabby. Why am I doing this because what I should be doing is to order new carpeting and redo the walls.

 Echos of my son saying…”But I like the wallpaper”…are echoing through my head and the reality of having two sons in university, a cruise and wedding planned for this year makes me realise that there won’t be any new carpet for another year so lets just get on with it. I’m looking at the bed wondering if I can move it since it is so big and my back isn’t in the best of shape. It then occurs to me why don’t I just grab the headboard and try wrestling the whole thing into place. Maybe I can drag this thing into position by brute force.

All in all it took me less than a minute and I mean “less” than a minute. It appears that the bed frame has rolling wheels attached to it. I call my son my “doofus” boy. I say it with love and affection but sometimes you have to wonder about him. Mind you he takes after his mother so what can I say?


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