More Colour Wheels.

I’ve been busy dyeing, washing and ironing fabric for my upcoming nested round robin. I had previously posted a medium colour wheel (scroll down) in this colour-way, Dharma’s marigold, burgundy and navy blue.  Yesterday I dyed a light colour wheel and another medium colour wheel .
Light colour wheel marigold burgundy navy blue
Light colour wheel – Dharma’s marigold, burgundy, navy blue.

To the medium colour wheel I added Jacquard’s Jet Black to each colour. I had debated whether or not to add the black to the medium wheel because I had a feeling that the colours would be on the dark side – and that’s the way they turned out. It’s interesting how an additive will change the colours.I choose Jacquard’s Jet Black because I’d heard that it was a fairly neutral black but I’m thinking it tends to bluish black because of the way the black reacted with my colours. A few interesting greens and browns in this additive wheel.
Medium colour wheel with additive - marigold, burgundy, navy blue
Medium colour wheel with Jet Black additive – colour’s a bit off – too bright.

Side by side marigold, burgundy, navy blue
Light – Medium colour wheels one picture shot side by side.

With the leftover dye from the light and medium wheels I tossed together a few parfaits. Using the leftover lighter dye I alternated the dye with fat eighths in a vase, six layers in total. For the leftover medium dye I added 1 ml of black to each of the remaining 1/8 cups of dye. I then added this to two fat eights of material again in another vase. The piece on the bottom received the dregs and ended up a really nice piece of fabric. I’m really regretting that it’s only a fat eighth.
Parfait vase marigold burgundy navy blue
Light parfait – marigold, burgundy, navy blue

Parfaits marigold burgundy navy blue
Resultant colours of above.

Parfaits with additive - marigold burgundy navy blue
Medium parfaits with jet black additive.

I also did an Ivory gradation yesterday. Dharma says to use the dye at half strength but I wanted to see what it was like at full strength so I just added another couple of steps to my usual six but to tell the truth they are so pale as to be almost white.  The ivory at it’s strongest step reminds me of an orange creamsicle then as it fades I get a strong sense of buttered popcorn but the kind with the fake margarine if that makes sense. LOL, you don’t think my diet’s getting to me do you?
Ivory gradation
Dharma’s Ivory in 8-step gradation.

Speaking of which, I have lost nine pounds in two and a half weeks. Sounds good but most of it was water weight that came off in the beginning. I’m down to losing about one pound every five days now. Frustrating because I’m eating next to nothing. My own fault I guess, I haven’t been exercising as much as I should but then again I have been getting the house tidier and lots of dyeing and crafts done.


6 responses to “More Colour Wheels.

  1. those are going to look really good for the nesting robin, karen. love those parfaits – i need to do mine, i guess… And about the weight – yes, it’s frustrating, but it’s still one pound every five days – don’t knock it!

  2. Karen, beautiful color wheels, parfaits and the gradation turned out great. I think I used half strength when I did my background fabric.

  3. Love your colors Karen. I haven’t done a parfait yet, do you just keep adding fabric and different colors? Your rr is going to be so pretty with the colors you have chosen. Now I know what dye to purchase to gradate down for a white color.

  4. Thanks for all the comments everyone.

    Yes, that is one way to do a parfait Thelma by layering the fabric and dyes. I explained better in the email I set you.


  5. Lovely, lovely colors….ooooh…I LOVE them! Especially the second layer done in the vase! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I absolutely love the way your do your parfaits! I think I will try that when I do my color wheel for the nesting round robin. Beautiful work!!!

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