Swirls and Parfaits

Well today I did some more dyeing, lol, anything to put off cutting out and sewing the blocks for the Nested Round Robin. I started off with another boysenberry-black test. This time I did a boysenberry gradation and then added 5ml of black as an additive to each container.  I’ll post a picture tomorrow when I’m done the washout. It’s mostly purples this time, which I guess is no surprise given how the last boysenberry-black attempt went.

 Then since I had leftover dye from doing the recent colour wheels along with leftover black and boysenberry, I decided to get ahead of myself and use up the dyes on my upcoming swirl and parfait swaps.

Being in a lazy mood it was a relaxed loosy-goosy slap-dash effort. Instead of tying off the swirls as I normally do I just tossed them into bowls added dye and then because I was to lazy to pre-soak the material in soda ash water I tossed that on top after having let the swirls sit for a few minutes for the dyes to blend.
Swirls of various colours

Still having left-over dye I scrunched up some fat eighths and tossed them into tiny bowls and added the remaining dye; again tossing on some soda ash water after having let the colours mix.

I’ll post the pictures tomorrow after the wash-out assuming the lighting is good enough. We’ll see whether being lazy pays off or if it’s “back to the drawing board”. We’re supposed to be getting a snowstorm tonight and tomorrow morning, apparently one of the worst of the winter. My Australian blogger friends, remember me while basking in your nice sunny summer weather, sit back and have a cool one for me.


One response to “Swirls and Parfaits

  1. You make it all look so simple:)

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