Snow, Snow and more SNOW!!!

Well the big storm arrived and why yes the newsman was right there is a lot of snow. Went out just before 11:00 this morning and it took me over an hour to clear the sidewalk and driveway using the big snow scoop (greatest invention ever by the way). By the time I was done I had to redo the sidewalk as it was covered again.

 I had determined that instead of going to the gym today my duty would be to keep the drive and sidewalk clean. Easier said then done as it’s now less than two hours later and I’ve just finished clearing the sidewalk and driveway – again. Of course by the time I was done with the driveway I’m redoing the driveway and finishing up with the walkway again.

Now it’s said that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” but I disagree with that – or at least you can teach this old dog a new trick or two. The thought had occured to me after clearing the sidewalk for the fourth time that maybe, just maybe, next time I’ll “start” with the driveway and then finish with the sidewalk, makes sense no? Why I didn’t I think of it in the first place…

 Oh well, favorite expression of mine is “I’m a little slow but I do eventually arrive”.
Canadian eh?

In between shovelings I filled the bird feeder for my poor little dears as it was almost out. I swear I’m feeding the neighborhood population. What was amazing was that despite the wind and snow I did spot a couple of Junico’s at the feeder. If you look closely in my blurry zoomed up picture you can just make one of them out at the front.
Birdie in Snow
Birdie in snow.

All in all this is what typical Canadian weather used to be about. I guess with global warming we haven’t seen this much snow in more than a few seasons but…”back when I was a young’un”…we used to get this kind of snow all the time or at least I did but then having grown up in Ottawa and London, Ontario I was sitting in a snowbelt most of the time. One thing I learned when newly married in Kincardine (another snowbelt area) is that when it begins to snow, you begin to shovel and keep on shoveling otherwise you’ll never get ahead.

I don’t know, think two times is equivalent to one gym workout? Another couple of hours should see the husband home and time for his workout.  🙂


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