Swirls and Parfaits continued…

Well here are the promised pictures as per yesterday. My camera definitely doesn’t like the blues or purples but on the whole the pictures didn’t turn out to badly. Doing the gradation of boysenberry and adding 5 ml of black made for a more interesting turnout of colours than the previous trial. I guess another method would be to have the boysenberry constant and then increase or decrease the amount of black additive, it all depends on what you’re after.
Boysenberry gradation with 5ml of black additive
Boysenberry gradation with 5ml of black additive to each step.

Next are the series of swirls I did in the bowls yesterday, several were the same so I just posted the best pictures. I did a low-water-immersion on these swirls so instead of crisp lines of colour they are more blended.
Boysenberry-black swirl

Marigold-black swirl

Marigold-Burgundy swirl

Navy-Burgundy swirl
Navy-Burgundy (Bit over-exposed)

Navy-Burgundy-Marigold swirl
Navy-Burgundy-Marigold (Bit under-exposed)

And finally here are some examples of the different parfaits I did in the smaller bowls.
Marigold-Burgundy Parfait
Marigold-Burgundy Parfait

Navy-Burgundy Parfait
Navy-Burgundy Parfait

Navy-Marigold Parfait
Navy-Marigold Parfait

Navy-Burgundy-Marigold Parfait
Navy-Burgundy-Marigold Parfait

It’s always the colours that you think will turn out yucky that seems to come out the best. I guess that’s why it’s always a good thing to experiment.


9 responses to “Swirls and Parfaits continued…

  1. Your colors are beautiful. Your swirls and parfaits are lovely. How do you create your swirls? ann

  2. These all look great!!

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    For these swirls I used a clothspeg to pinch the middle of the fabric and then rotated the peg around gathering the fabric as I go. Because the fabric was 14×14″ there wasn’t really enough bulk to tie it off like a regular tie-dye shirt so instead I just gathered it up and plopped it into a small plastic bowl. If you go down to the previous post you can see them sitting in dye.

    I visually divide the fabric into six pie shaped sections and then apply the dye alternating the colours as I go, flip the whole thing and re-apply dye on the other side trying to match dye to the same sections as the front.

    Usually I use fabric that already has soda ash applied to it but this time I applied it after the dye. I then let it batch for a while before the washout.

    I suppose at some point I should do a tutorial.


  4. Ohhhhhhh I’m in love with your swirls….vbg. Stunning colours – well done. I would be to busy drooling over the fabrics to want to cut them up….roflmol. Please a tutorial on the swirls – I would love to have a go as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those spirals are awesome. I love them, please do a tutorial we can all learn from you. Just beautiful!!!

  6. Okay I’ll get a tutorial together but it’ll be a few days in coming as I’m going to be away visiting this weekend (well assuming the roads are passable for travelling tomorrow).


  7. Beautiful handdyes Karen. Scrumpious colors indeed.

  8. your boysenberry gradation & the navy-marigold parfait

    I’m hoping we’re in some run_off swaps together 🙂

  9. wow ! Now I’m really excited about doing the parfait after seeing yous! I’m just real unsure of how many colors you should use for it. You used Navy, Burgundy, Marigold and it’s awesome! Thanks so much for sharing

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