Knitted Hooded Sweater Jacket

Just thought I’d post an update on what I’m doing. I have been busy knitting for the most part working on something called a “Danbury Hooded Sweater Jacket”, the pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.

 I discovered this pattern on an Internet search and fell in love with it. Our local Walmart started carrying a new line of yarn from “Sean’s Sheep”. It’s an Australian label but the yarn made in China so go figure. Anyhow I adore this brand of yarn and decided to buy some on the spur of the moment. Unfortunately the store is no longer carrying the one particular line I choose for this jacket. This yarn was $5.95 a ball for a 400g ball. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten such a good price on a ball of yarn before this.
Cairns yarn
Sean’s Sheep – Cairns yarn

Anyhow I bought three balls of the yarn thinking surely I could find a sweater pattern to match the tension of the yarn (not quite a perfect match in tension so you’re probably best off using the actual yarn). After a long search the Danbury jacket is what I found. The jacket is quite long at 31 1/2 inches finished length so I’m quite impressed since I knit the back and part of the left-front before I ran out of my first ball of yarn. Danbury Jacket back
Danbury Jacket – Back

Danbury Jacket front
Danbury Jacket – Left front partially done about 10.5″ worth.

I originally bought three balls of yarn but from the instructions figured I needed another two making the total amount of yarn I bought five balls. Well I’m just wondering how much overkill I’ve got here because I just can’t see using up all five balls. I’m thinking possible granny afghan here after finishing the sweater.


6 responses to “Knitted Hooded Sweater Jacket

  1. Hi Karen, I am currently working on the Danbury Jacket also. Great jacket isn’t it? I do have a question about the pattern as listed for the right front? Do you think you can help me with a couple of things because I am struggling with it?

  2. Hi, i also am working on this jacket. I am using the color RedWood in the Lion Brand.
    I love the way it knits up. Would love to send you a pic when done, would also like to see yours.

  3. Well….i finished the hood last nite. Now i work on the pockets and then sew it together.
    I see a light at the end of the tunnel…lol

  4. Can anyone out there help me understand the
    right front buttonhole side of the Danbury sweater jacket? This is my first attempt at knitting and I was doing fine untill the directions got so vague and confusing. I’m afraid I need row by row directions to understand it. I made it through the 3rd row and when it says continue to work as for left front then I am lost and reversing and not even telling you where to do the button holes..I think I will just have to abandon this project after I got the whole back done and the whole left side. I emailed Lionbrand where I found the pattern but they were no help. Maybe I am just too dumb to do this. Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Sharon,

      I never did finish this pattern. I took a dislike to the yarn I was using as it started pooling (variegated yarn that knits into clumps of colour in spots before going back to being mottled).

      The pattern is confusing because on the right-side you’ve got row three which is the button hole row. They don’t tell you that you only knit this row when you come to the corresponding row on the left front that you have your button sewn down. They also left off telling you to decrease like you did on the left-front side.


      Left-side: Row 1 – knit and decrease 1 at start of row. *Note* the very first beginning row is just knit – no decrease.

      Row 2 – purl and do placket stitches at start of row.

      Do this until instructions for armhole shaping.

      Right-side: Row 1 – do placket at start of knit row and knit until the end of row.

      Row 2 – purl. *Note* it doesn’t say but I’d probably do my decrease at the start of this row.

      Row 3 – do placket but these instructions contain the button-hole within the placket – so only do this row when you want a buttonhole at that spot. What I’d do is figure out the button placement – space them evenly and then every 10 or 15 rows (whatever) do Row 3. I wouldn’t bother sewing the buttons on until the very end matching the holes as I go.

      Now it says to decrease at the end of this knit 3 row so I guess you can do your decreases on your knit row 1 if you’re more comfortable doing a knit decrease instead of a purl decrease. The reality is it doesn’t really matter because the decrease will be hidden in the seam anyway.

      When you reach the same length as you did for the left side start the armhole shaping.

      I’ve just gone and checked and I never did do the right side front beyond the ribbing, maybe one day but probably not as I didn’t use the proper yarn.

      Hope this helps,


  5. Thank you so much for responding and trying to help me
    So disappointing..You would think a knitting site such as Lionbrand would have more specific detailed directions.
    Thanks again

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