Finished Basket Block Center

Well, not quite the same as the “Path to Hell is Paved With Good Intensions” quiltlet but close. I lost count of the amount of seams that I ripped out on this baby, my quest for perfection I guess. The kicker seams of course came this morning as I was sewing the four blocks together and realising that the bottom of the baskets were not going to work out and “Why is that one so much more off than the others?”.

Actually it was somewhat of a relief to realise that I’d set the two tiny triangles of the basket part wrong because it meant that my block could be salvagable. Of course I got down to the final seam and matched the center seam and realised “Oh well only one set of points will be out.” Then going to iron the whole thing and realising that both sets of basket points were off and if I ripped the whole thing out and ignored matching the white center seam then the green points would match up; of course I ripped it out.

Anyhow, what a pain in the “a” double “s” trying to get a picture of the whole thing. I came to the realization that I couldn’t get my camera close enough to take in the whole four-block piece and have the flash lighten the fabric enough to get a good picture so I took individual pictures of each block. Then sitting at the computer I realised that if I loaded some old software for the camera I could retouch the photo, which is what I did. The white background is brilliant but at least the colours look halfway decent now.
Basket block centerpiece
Nested round robin center block.

The blocks are made up of the hand-dyed fabric I recently did from my dark and medium colour wheels. I’d considered using the colour wheel with additive but decided the colours were too dark for a center block. I’ve tons of left-over colours so will somehow work them into the upcoming borders for the nested round robin, which this center block will be part of.

I’m now caught up on all my swaps and obligations so its time to work on a top and short set for my upcoming cruise in a week’s time. We’ll see if I can get it done on time and if it turns out wearable.


5 responses to “Finished Basket Block Center

  1. It’s a great centre block, Karen – how big is it? I’m thinking some of your outside rounds might be pretty big!

  2. It’s about 20″ square but I’m planning on it being a bed quilt so big is okay.

  3. WOW Karen, it looks great!!!

  4. Beautiful Karen! You go girl, hope you have a great time on your cruise.

  5. Beautiful Block Karen! It will make a great center for your quilt.

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