New Gadget

Well, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Actually the affair was yesterday on Valentine’s Day but hey who wants to post on her birthday?

 Well I turned the big 50, gah! Funny I don’t feel this old but I had to endure looking at myself for about an hour yesterday as I got my hair cut and dyed. Normally this isn’t a problem because I’m wearing my glasses, which come off while James is doing my hair. I have bad eyesight so everything is a blur in the mirror and then presto I put on the glasses and it’s a new me. Yesterday I’d thought I’d try wearing contacts and as I’ve already said gah!

I’ve reached that age in my life where I spend as little time looking at myself in the mirror as possible that’s why it “always comes as a big surprise” to see all the wrinkles and bags under my eyes when I do. I don’t think I’ll be wearing contacts to the hair dresser again. Funny, I don’t feel this old, well except for the back that is…lol. (Gawk! That’s twice I’ve used the phrase “I don’t feel this old”, oh Lord, not only are the looks shot to H*ll but the mind is going as well).

Anyhow I digress. I happened to visit the local Costco a couple of days ago and the Vitamix travelling roadshow had come again. Last time they had come to the store had been two years ago before Christmas. I’d been hoping for them to show up again so I could bribe my husband into getting me one of these beauties as a Christmas prezzie but no such luck, no roadshow.  He wouldn’t spring for one two years ago and I’ve been pining away ever since. I’d even visited the CNE to try and find them but couldn’t (apparently they were there but its a big place the CNE). Of course the money that I’d saved from working had gone by this time but hey it’s my 50th right, a milestone, I deserve something to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

Anyhow here she is in all her glory.
Vitamix – new addition to the family.

I managed to refrain from buying the dry blade because quite bluntly I won’t be grinding grain to make flour and I don’t drink coffee so I don’t need to grind my own beans. This machine is such a little powerhouse it’s amazing. It makes juice, smoothies, soup, icecream, sauces, etc, etc. The blade when put on variable speed will pulse and chop so you can make stuff like salsa but when you flip the switch over to high speed it will take whatever’s in there and liquify it. If you leave it whirling away long enough it will make soup, kid you not the stuff comes out boiling hot. Put it on high for a couple of minutes with some ice cubes and you can make your own icecream.

I had apple icecream in the demo. This icecream also had cabbage in it but you couldn’t taste it. Because it’s so powerful it breaks down all kinds of fruit and veggies. Some of the produce you peel the rind because it’s bitter but other stuff you just toss the whole fruit or vegetable in. What it means is you’re retaining the vitamin content of the item you’re processing. New mothers would love this for baby food. Can you tell I’m impressed with my new toy?

The only drawback to it is that I’ll have to watch my fruit/smoothie intake because although it might be healthy the calories can add up quickly when eating that much fruit. I’ve already had a orange/banana/strawberry/peach/yogurt smoothie for lunch, very filling. I can’t decide whether or not to make a vegetable chicken soup for dinner or a broccoli-cheese soup…hmm….decisions, decisions.

Karen (who will be away for a week so ttyl when I get back)

5 responses to “New Gadget

  1. I’m so excited, I get to be the first one to wish you a belated Happy Birthday!! 40 is only a year & a half away for me & I keep thinking, I’m not ready to be that just yet!!!!

  2. Thank you Tracy, lol, I’m not quite ready to be 50 yet either…

    Actually it’s not true, I feel great and aside from the back bothering me now and then and the wrinkles, lol, 50 is fine. I think you start to appreciate your time here on earth more though as the years are starting to tick down.


  3. Hey Karen, I turned 50 in June so you are younger than me, enjoy!! What a way to celebrate, a cruise in warm weather!!

  4. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Karen
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Now aren’t you glad we don’t live close so you can hear me singing…..vbg. Enjoy your cruise and relax. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  5. I found a coupon code for free standard shipping ($25US value): 06-003445.
    The coupon worked!! and love my Vita-Mix!

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