I’m baaack…..

Well I’m back after being away for a week on a cruise. I had a great time with my family, didn’t do as much as I could have but it was a cruise so I just did what I wanted. The weather was great and the ship didn’t rock as much as it could have but surprisingly I didn’t get seasick when there was motion, which I thought I might have so all was well.

 We visited Labadee, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman Is. and Cozumel Mexico. The only real excitement came when our youngest son decided to visit his girlfriend and her family who by coincidence where also in Mexico at the time. The plan was that he was going off by himself – taking the ferry over to the mainland – would spend some time with her and then be back at the ship by around 5:00 pm as the ship’s last bording call was 6:15 pm.

Well 5:00 pm comes and goes and so does 6:00 pm and then we’re starting to panic and at the guest relations trying to get hold of him on his cell phone as the ship will indeed set sail without him. Well long and short of it, he strolls on ten minutes before the deadline. He’d gotten back in time but had decided to shop in downtown Cozumel instead of meeting back at the ship at 5:00 pm and what did we mean he was supposed to check in at 5:00 pm? There was no problem as far as he was concerned but ah the confidence of youth. Needless to say he got an earful from his mother and I’d say he’ll think twice before something like this happens again but since the chances of it happening again are pretty much nil….

It seems like I’ve been away for ever even though it’s only been a week and of course you come back to the messy house that you left when you went away and I’m thinking awk! There is something about having someone coming in twice a day to clean your room and tidy the bed and having the whole ship…well….shipshape. You come back and take a look around with fresh eyes  and you think “Wow, I really could be doing this and that to the house”.

Only put on a couple of pounds since being away but I feel a lot more fatter so…back to the treadmill and dieting. Got the notice in the mail for renewal at the gym so life is telling me to get back at it I guess.

Saw lots of shibori and hand dyes/tie dyes while on the cruise so I’m determined to try out some new techniques and regretting I didn’t dye up some new tie dyes for the cruise, oh well. I’ll probably take a break from crafting for a bit and try and get the house in order first.


4 responses to “I’m baaack…..

  1. Welcome back. Ohh to think a whole week of no housework and relaxing……….heaven. I know what you mean about coming home to the house thought – yuck. Enjoy your time cleaning – if possible. At least you have all those happy memories to keep you smiling as you whip the house into shape.

  2. Welcome back!!! You have been missed.

  3. You’ve been tagged, please go to my blog for more information!!

  4. Welcome back I’m glad you had a good time.

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