I’ve been tagged…

I’ve been tagged by Vicky (over in the right sidebar of my “Links” section). Now the rules for this are that you in return tag seven other people. The only problem is that all the people I know have been tagged by Vicky or have been recently tagged by someone else so what I thought I would do in the spirit of the game is reveal seven things about myself but I won’t re-tag anyone else.

1.  I’m 50 years old and mother of four children, youngest 18 years and oldest 28 years old.

2. I was born on Valentines day so that means I’m a “sweetheart” 🙂

3. I went back to college, took computer science and graduated at the top of my class at 42 years old. I was motivated probably because I flunked out of first year university when I was 18 years old. This was a hard course, of the 120 that started only about 52 graduated the program.

4. I’m an avid reader and love to read sci-fi, fantasy and romance novels. I’d probably be a writer if I wasn’t so lazy.

5. I know how to: quilt, dye fabric, knit, crochet, macrame, cross-stitch, folk art painting, beading and jewelry making, tie-dye and probably a few other things I’ve tried and forgotten about.

6. I was born in Sacremento, California when my dad was transfered down from Canada to work but I crossed the border when I was 6 months old and I consider myself Canadian.

7. I believe in God and I am a Christian.

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