Vacation Pictures

Well thought I would post just a couple of pictures I took while on vacation. Indulgent of me I know but I thought that people might find a few of them interesting.

We boarded our flight on time in the morning but the maintenance crew had forgotten to get a sign-off on their inspection job that they did so the plane was delayed a 1/2 hour while they redid the inspection. Meanwhile the icestorm from Chicago arrived and it began to rain so after the maintenance crew was done we had to taxi on out to get the wings de-iced/sprayed before take-off. It was still rain at this point instead of sleet but the airport didn’t want to take chances. I thought I’d post a couple of pictures since I’ve never been on a trip before where the wings have been sprayed.
De-icing machine
De-icing machine looking like a weird sci-fi alien machine with waving arm-nozzles.

Anti-freeze gel
Wing of airplane with anti-freeze gel on it.

I think they first sprayed the wings with hot water to get rid of the ice (what there was of it) and then sprayed the wings with green slimey looking gel. The gel lasted through the take-off and then the air pressure on the wings striped it away once we had reached a decent altitude. I was glad that we were one of the first planes off the tarmac as I had visions of us being delayed and missing the ship if we’d been any later, although I was told later that the rain never did turn to ice.

A shot of the champagne and strawberries my brother had waiting for us in our stateroom and then Jon (he of the messy room) took a picture of the rest of us toasting for a happy trip.
Strawberries and Champagne
Strawberries and Champagne.

Toasting to a safe and happy trip.

There were always nice little touches on board ship and examples of art, not only of pictures and sculptures but of art created by the staff as well.
Watermelon girl
Watermelon girl.

Indian chief
Indian chief.

Dog towel
Dog towel in stateroom.

Monkey towel
Monkey towel.

And last but not least a picture of our ship sitting in the bay at the Island of Labadee. Labadee is an island in the caribbean that is owned by Royal Caribbean and is private for the use of their cruise ships. We had a good time there snorkelling and a barbeque. The ship is huge, the biggest in the world so if you think it looks big it is. The length of it is equivalent to two football fields. Four and a half laps of the walking track on deck 12 is equal to one mile. This track doesn’t go the entire length of the ship (close though). Our cabin, which was at the bow of the ship was the farthest you could get for an inside cabin. All of the restaurants and activities took place at the stern of the ship. As you can guess we did a lot of walking each day and despite pigging out on more food than I normally eat I only put on perhaps a pound, I’m not quite sure because I was back to normal weight the second day home.
Our cabin
Our cabin lowest left porthole deck six.

Freedom of the seas in labadee
Freedom of the Seas moored at Labadee.


3 responses to “Vacation Pictures

  1. Are you in the toasting picture? If so, which one is you?

  2. I’m on the left with the brown hair, then my husband, youngest son, daughter and her fiance.


  3. Great pictures. I was on that same beach last July. It’s great to put a face with a name.

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