Why…I remember when…

Well, we got dumped on again with more snow. Just when I thought it was nearly all melted away, kaboom! While thinking about the snow during my morning activities I was thinking about the radio announcers and their mad panic at warning us this could be the biggest and worst snowfall of the winter and of course the residual panic that issues from a statement such as that.

The truth of the matter is that the snow has stopped, we didn’t get the promised additional 10 cm of snow and well…life goes on. For all the major snowfall warnings this winter nothing has really been affected for the most part. Businesses have opened, school has continued and people have gone to work. I was thinking back to the major snowfalls and storms of my youth and all the havoc they caused and I realised I was indeed entering a new era of my life the, “I remember when” era.

I remember when a snowstorm was a snowstorm and records were things you put on a turntable and telephones were something you dialed, television was black and white and then colour and a movie was something you went to the movie theatre to watch.

Getting back to the “snowstorm”, I realised that with global warming the younger generation hasn’t really see a truly major snowstorm – at least not like the ones I saw as a kid and that perhaps all these warnings of doom and gloom from the TV and radio announcers are just that for the younger generation. Mind you, keep in mind I’m talking about my small town and part of the world. I have no doubt that in other areas they still get blasted.

Just another reminder that I’m now of an age where experience counts for something. Meanwhile, whatever will I do with all this snow?

Karen (Who has noted that the snow is already beginning to melt so indeed why bother to shovel the driveway?)

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