Another day, more dyeing.

Cool…somehow when I went to edit my latest blog when I hit the save button it disappeared. At risk of repeating myself…below are a couple of pictures of fabric that I dyed yesterday.

The first piece is aqua, island blue (A ProChem internet special, which looks like aqua almost) , sapphire and lemon meringue. The second piece is bronze and sapphire blue.
Aqua snow dye
Aqua snow dye.

Bronze snow dye
Bronze snow dye.

In my previous post, which I edited and lost I mentioned that this would be the last of the snow dyeing pieces because the snow was all melting. Little did I know, 8 hours later, that we’d be in the midst of another snowstorm, oh well…I’m sure spring is just around the corner somewhere.


2 responses to “Another day, more dyeing.

  1. Those turned out gorgeous!!

  2. Those are gorgeous!!!

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