Mount W….

Well yes I am paranoid so instead of posting the full name we’ll just go with Mount W for now. Anyhow what is Mount W? 
Mount W
John with his creation and yes it is as tall as he is. Snow from shovelling the driveway.

What can I say, we did indeed get a lot of snow but…it’s all starting to melt once again. Apparently the hubby informs me that this year comes second to some year in the 1930s for most amount of snow fallen during the winter. It does seem like we’ve had a lot of snow but because of the milder temperatures a lot of it has melted between the snow falls otherwise we’d be up to our ears. I can only hope that this means the water tables will be higher this year.

Anyhow a few more pictures of material as you all know I couldn’t resist playing with the new snow.
Strong Orange Lemon Yellow
Strong Orange and Lemon Yellow (too orange for my tastes)

Island blue
Island blue, Desert Green, Lemon Meringue and Sapphire. Same dyes as previous post but applied with a very heavy hand so hence a darker piece. Interesting thing about this piece is that the purple you see is actually from the sapphire blue.

Bronze Rose Wine
Bronze and Rose Wine. Very, very nice piece if I do say so.

Boysenberry Lemon Yellow
Lemon Yellow and Boysenberry. This photo doesn’t do the fabric justice as in real life the fabric is boring and blah.

I might try one more piece (yeah, yeah you say) before calling it quits. I’m kind of interested in seeing how a black and blue might look. I’d tried using black in my first piece but it didn’t really work out but then that was the piece where I just scooped up the dyed snow and placed it on the fabric. I have a feeling the black will turn out grey but it might be worth the effort. I know for a fact that boysenberry and lemon yellow gives a really nice orange but it didn’t turn out that way in the snow dyed piece so you can’t really predict these things.


2 responses to “Mount W….

  1. Those look really good. Try mixing fuchsia and jet black if you have it. Since the fuchsia strikes so fast it turns out good for me when I ice dye. Speaking of which, I need to find those pieces and post pics on my blog.

  2. WOW I love your pieces. I wish we would of gotten more then 3 inches of snow this year. Well maybe next, I do have a snowcone machine on order, should get it next wee;. I can’t wait to see how your black comes out. Judi

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