Revamped Round Robin Centre.

Well after contemplating my center for the nested round robin quilt I decided to take apart the four blocks.
Basket block centerpiece
Centre block before taking it apart.

My problem with the centre block was that the edges were too rough and unbalanced and I was going to have serious problems trying to get the edges aligned with the next round’s border; this aside from having major nips of the end star points. I was going to just leave it as it was and just deal with it but when it came down to it the whole thing was just too wonky.

What I decided to do was to take apart the four blocks and surround each block with a border. My reasoning for this was that if I needed to trim to make the blocks more balanced then it would be easier to take it out of the border than the actual block. As it turned out with the minor fudging of putting on the borders everything seemed to work out. You note I said “seem”, I guess I’ll find out when I attach the next border.
Redone centre block
Centre block after putting on borders.  Click on picture to enlarge.


3 responses to “Revamped Round Robin Centre.

  1. What a great idea! I like the results and figure you hit it right and the next row will be much easier.

  2. I really like how you redid the block. Those borders are perfect. Judi

  3. I like the new layout and borders. Adds a little more zing to it. Good luck with the next borders.

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