Happy Easter

Just like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and a joy-filled celebration with your families.

 I received my order from ProChem yesterday so since I ordered six of the Internet specials I thought I’d post them so others will have a bit of a clue what they look like.

 I think (I could be wrong) that the Internet specials are dye lots that didn’t quite meet the ProChem specifications for their standard colour chart. So they rename these dyes and sell them at a reduced price to the public. It’s very much like a goody bag in that you don’t really know what you’re getting but the fun is in finding out. I always do a gradation on the dyes and then try and match them up to see what dye they were going for.

I have done two and have another four batching at the moment. The two I have done are Dusty Pink and Bark.
Dusty Pink
ProChem’s Internet special Dusty Pink.

ProChem’s Internet special Bark.

For the Dusty Pink I used twice the concentration I normally use for a red dye because I didn’t want a washed-out wussy colour. The dye reminded me of something I’d already done and sure enough I think the closest match is Rosewine with Berry coming a close second. The Rosewine has a bit of a grey tinge to it and the Dusty Pink has this grey tinge as well but just a slightly darker value than the Rosewine. In other words the Rosewine is a brighter pink.

The bark was a very nice colour at it’s darkest value. The medium and light grades didn’t appeal to me as much. I don’t know what colour this compares to as I don’t have a great many browns from ProChem.

It’ll be interesting to see what the other colours turn out like. I have two more browns, a purple and a winter sky, which I thought was a purple but might be a grey or black. 

I’ll post pictures of the rest of the gradations tomorrow if I have time. My daughter is coming tomorrow and a group of us will be heading into Toronto to pick out material for bridesmaid dresses for her wedding in September. I’m not quite sure how long that whole business will take. I think I’m supposed to fit in an Easter dinner somehow in there. Beats me how I’m going to get home in time to stick the roast in the oven and fix all of the trimmings. I am Mother, hence Super Woman.


3 responses to “Happy Easter

  1. Curious if winter sky is like stormy sky??

  2. Both of these are winners. Like them both!

  3. I’d wondered that as well but I don’t have the stormy sky to compare so don’t know. They were selling it at $9.95 jar but have dropped it down to $7.95

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