Internet Dye specials

Well I’ve done the rest of the gradations on the dyes I recently purchased from ProChem. The Internet specials were, Lavender Mist, Winter Sky, Fawn and Chocolate Milk.
Winter Sky
ProChem’s Internet special Winter Sky.

ProChem’s Internet special Fawn.

Chocolate Milk
ProChem’s Internet special Chocolate Milk.

Lavender Mist
ProChem’s Internet special Lavender Mist.

Well I didn’t know when I was mixing up the Winter Sky whether or not it was a purple or a grey, turns out it was a grey or maybe even a black. The measurements I use for each colour group are different and I use four times as much dye for greys and blacks as I do for the purples so I’m not quite sure what I would have gotten had I used the greater amount of dye. However the buzz word for this year seems to be serendipity and the greys I got were very nice. I thought that there was a bit of a purple cast to them but I think it depends on what lighting you’re seeing the fabric in. The fabric dyed a nice solid colour without a breakdown into components that sometimes you get with low-water-immersion so I’m pleased.

The Chocolate milk was just plain weird. I used quite a bit of dye mixing this one up because it’s a brown and it seemed like I was forever changing the rinse water because the brown kept coming out. I guess you’d call this chocolate milk if you were skimping on the syrup. The closest match I could get to this one was Old Rose except that it was a much paler version. Interesting because again the brown was four times the amount of dye that I used for the Old Rose sample but came up paler. If you look in  the intense sunlight you do see a bit of a pinkish cast to the material but when I asked my husband what colour he thought it was he said taupe.

The fawn turned out to be a really nice colour but it did break down into it’s components so a lot of rusts, greys and ecru’s. When I compared it to my other samples I came up with Chino which was kind of neat because I don’t have that dye. It was Chino but at half the strength…you can see where this is going.

The Lavender Mist was quite nice and as soon as I saw it I thought Eggplant and sure enough Eggplant is the closest match I had in my sample book; this is not to say that something else wouldn’t match better but it’s all I have so if you’re wondering what to compare, think Eggplant purple but at half the concentration.

Since a lot of the dyes seems to be half the intensity it made me wonder, maybe it was a user error but probably not. I could have done without the Chocolate Milk but I’m not really into the skin-tone browns but someone else might really go for that colour. The Fawn was nice but I’m not sure what I’d use that one for because again I’m not into browns but it’d probably be nice in autumn colours. The winter sky wasn’t exciting at the strength that I applied but it did make some really nice neutral greys, which I wouldn’t hestitate to use so it’s probably the most useful dye of the bunch. The lavender was very nice but I already have Eggplant so I’m not too excited. The Dusty Pink from the day before was nice and I’m getting low on Berry and I could substitute this one for that. Which leaves me with the bark which is a very nice brown at full strength.

Hope this gives some idea to those who might be considering buying the Interent specials, at $2.95 a jar its not that big an investment but it could save people some time.


3 responses to “Internet Dye specials

  1. Well, one thing I can tell you is this……. the Winter Sky is spot on as I look out my window at the March sky!!

  2. You did get some interesting colors there. They can be used as mixers, I bet you would get some interesting colors there.

  3. Very nice Karen! My favorites are Winter Sky and Lavender Mist.

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