Not Impressed!!!

I bought a new serger about a year and a half ago from the local fabric store. Part of the deal of buying any new machine is that you are entitled to the free lessons each month as being an owner of that machine so in my case the serger club.

 I have to admit that I never did go to any of these once a month deals because I just never got around to it but recently I found out from a friend that she also went to these classes and she talked me into going with her to this month’s class. I thought why not I wouldn’t mind going together and having a girl bonding experience so I signed up for the class, which was making a purse using decorative thread with the serger.

Now the draw back to taking these “free” classes is that all materials must be bought from the store…let me emphasize that “all”. I knew that the fabrics in this store were on the pricey side but…ka-ching. By the time I got through buying all of the supplies this cute little purse cost me $54.00. I just finished buying purses on the cruise that were authentic Guess purses one of which was solid leather with hardware that was $79.00.

“Oh well, you can get two purses out of the material if you’re careful” the hostess instructed. Do I want two purses that look the same I ask myself? Charge me half the price and give me one.

 My friend and I were on time for the class, which started at 1:00 and we walk upstairs only to find we are the last two to arrive and that we’re scrambling to find empty machine space because all of the other girls are already there and set up. Not only are they set up but they’ve threaded their machines and for the most part cut out their material and are now busy sewing happily away.

So meanwhile I’m feeling like the dumb bunny because in their wisdom the store owners don’t give out the instruction kit ahead of time. Why you ask? Well because they have to collect the $5.00 for the instruction kit – what part of “free class” haven’t I understood so far? So everyone has started ahead and the hostess is looking at me like I haven’t a clue, which I admit I haven’t considering I haven’t looked at said instructions.

Now I admit to being a slow sewer/crafter. I’m not the type of person who can rush ahead at anything otherwise I make mistakes and point of case my friend who just jumped right in made several mistakes. I’m not going all righteous here because I did a few of my own just pointing out most people can’t rush.  Very early on I realised I was not going to finish on time and this wasn’t a competition so I might as well go at my own speed. (Side note: Has anyone tried to thread their serger machine under pressure? It doesn’t work)

This class made me realise why I don’t do classes, I hate them. As far as I was concerned I might as well have taken the instructions home and done it there because this was not enjoyable for me.  So here I am in the class not getting much done in the two hours knowing most of the work is going to be done at home, the social bonding experience with my friend was pointless as I spoke very little to her and then the added knowledge that I’d paid $54.00 for a purse that although it looked pretty was in no way practical since it maybe holds some kleenex and a couple of credit cards. There was the added sting because I handdye my own fabric and I have decorative threads. I could have cut the costs considerable if the store was more lenient about the supply policy but I guess that’s why they’re a thriving business.

The one useful thing I learned from the class? The serger did make some nice seams with the $8.00 (times two) coloured thread. (I have some really nice coloured thread from threadart I bought for $2.00 spool).

Front of purse.

Back of purse.

Inside lining.

Inside pocket
Inside pocket.

So JoAnn if you’re reading this, I love you but from here on in you’re on your own doll.


6 responses to “Not Impressed!!!

  1. That’s a really nice little purse you made but I agree what was free about the class? Why would you want two of them??

  2. I suppose if I’d had a good experience I might have been more charitable but I was a fish out of water.

    It’s definitely the rich girls club I think and you know it’s not about spending money because goodness knows I can do that but rather its getting a certain quality or value if you will for what you’ve spent.


  3. WOW, $54. I never experienced that with my FREE classes with my Bernina sewing machine or serger when I bought them many years ago. Of course, we didn’t make a purse but if we did, there was a kit fee and it was no where near this kind of price. Oh well, unfortunately, a very expensive lesson learned, and unfortunately for the store a sour taste left in your mouth.

  4. Forgot to say I do like the purse, you could make me one with the extra fabric 🙂

  5. Well Karen, even though the little purse was expensive it’s very pretty! Geez I’d hate to know how much it cost for a class…

  6. Hmmmm, I definitely would be grousing about the ‘Free’ class too. Outrageous. The purse is cute, but not $54 cute, LOL.

    I know that quilt shop owners are probably struggling in this economy, but please, don’t ‘soak’ us while trying to survive. Not sure I would even go back to this quilt shop if there were others to choose from. Good thing they have rich gals to keep their heads above water.

    I’m like you, I never finish a project in class, but at least you DID finish it at home. Sometimes I don’t.

    Love your blog!

    sue /ca

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