Spring has sprung…

Well finally the weather seems to be cooperating and the snow is almost gone. When we travelled to Niagra falls last weekend it seemed most of their snow had disappeared. It was somewhat of a shock to come home and see the remaining drifts around the house but now I can say we’re almost snow free and I have bulbs that are starting to peek through the ground and crocuses blooming in their glory. It’s funny but the purple ones for some reason always seem to pop up first.
Daffodils growing near house.

Crocus in Lawn
Crocuses in lawn.

Bulbs in front garden
Crocus and daffodils in front garden.

I have tulips planted as well but the bunnies always find them and chew off the buds, yummy I guess. The daffodils must taste bitter because they always leave those alone;  it’s a shame but what are you going to do. Well I could try protecting them with fencing but I can’t be bothered putting it up and down for the couple of weeks its needed…maybe one of these years (yeah right).

I’ve been busy working on another UFO at the moment but it’s very time consuming so the project if I keep on track should be finished next week sometime. Meanwhile I’ll do a sneak peak and keep people guessing…


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