More Swag

Well I finally went nuts sitting inside the house working on my quilting project waiting for my running shoes to show up via the UPS man. I spent all of yesterday waiting for him to arrive with a pair of running shoes that I’d ordered online and what a waste of time that was as it was probably one of the nicest days so far this spring. Today I decided enough of that so I went out this afternoon and wouldn’t you know it he showed up as I was out but was kind enough to leave my parcel outside the door so I didn’t have to drive to some far off depot to track the package down. I’d managed to find a pair of runners online in the same size and style I usually buy but these were $50.00 cheaper as they are now discountinued.

Each year New Balance (and probably every other company out there) update their shoes. Something usually changes maybe it’s the colour or maybe something else but basically its the same shoe but at the new price for the new year. I have a size ten foot with a 4E width. I can’t get this size in a women’s shoe (well I probably could but we won’t go there) so I go into the men’s department to find my shoes. Even going into the men’s department doesn’t always work because they tend not to carry 4E widths. New Balance seems to be the only brand name that will carry the larger sizes in the bigger widths. Long story short, you “pay through the nose” and by that I mean I get dinged around $139.00 plus tax (somewhere around $150) every time I buy new shoes.

My problem is that I have a bad back. One leg is slightly longer than the other and over the years my back has twisted somewhat so I need a decent shoe with support. The shoe arch/support wears down before the actual shoe does; maybe because I’m a bit overweight but probably not. They say you should replace your shoes every six months and even less than that if you do a lot of exercise. I replace mine maybe once every nine months or so. I can tell when I need new shoes because my back starts hurting again. So I was extremely happy when I went online and found the exact same shoe but at $89.00.

Anyhow, I digress. I went out today and stopped off at the local fabric store to buy some more quilting thread. I was running low on the one colour so decided to buy some more plus I wanted to get a couple more of the ceramic buttons so I could finish making the second purse from the left-over fabric from my outrageously expensive class. Well in all honestly the people at the store didn’t force me to buy the material I chose but it was pricey none the less. I picked up a couple of buttons but they didn’t have the quilting thread I wanted so on to the next stop, which was the quilting store.

Needless to say the quilting store didn’t have the thread I wanted but they did have this really neat calendar. You know the ones where each month you get a different quilt and the pattern to make it. Hmm…very nice I thought but it’s already April. At that point the quilt store owner has noticed my interest in it and said 75% off, some quick math and $5 bucks later I’m now the proud owner of a calendar I’ll probably never use but hey, one day I might make one of those quilts.

I also picked up some more quilting needles (I hand quilt). I just picked up two packages of quilting needles when I was down in the states on my trip. If you’re ever tempted to buy Dritz quilting needles, don’t bother they’re junk. I went through about 12 of them on about a border and a half of my quilt before I found another unused package of needles in my sewing room. Needless to say it only took the one needle to finish off the quilt. The Dritz kept bending no matter how careful I tried to be. The steel just wasn’t strong enough; my quilt wasn’t very thick.

After the quilting shop I went on to visit the local chain fabric store and sure enough there was the thread in the colour I wanted and the brand I like. It just so happened that Coats and Clark thread was on for 50% off so needless to say I grabbed a few spools of the varigated thread. The two bigger spools were regular $20 so now seemed like a good time to buy. Needless to say at the checkout they have their little specials they try to push and off course I fell for the Olfa cutter at half price. I already have one but at half price it was about the same cost as a replacement blade so I figured I wasn’t out any money and…it’s cute. Enough damage done, just don’t tell the hubby.
Swag from fabric and quilt stores.
Swag from fabric and quilt shops.
Back of calendar and various quilts.


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