UFO #2 Completed…finally.

Well after a couple of weeks of quilting and binding I have officially finished the second UFO for 2008; this one only took about three years to complete. I have to admit that the sun is too bright on the quilt, it does look much better in person.

Butterflies Are Free.

This was a basic quilt with plain outline quilting for the most part. I did quilt some butterflies into the yellow squares and along the border. Originally, I had penciled in on the black border, a solid line of butterflies as that’s what the stencil called for but when I got back into the quilt I realised that I didn’t want to spend the time doing that and I felt the butterflies would stand out more if they just meandered along the border.

Meandering butterflies hand-quilted along black border.

Butterfly material from VIP Cranston. Unfortunately you can’t see the quilted butterfly in the yellow square.

Well now that I’ve done this lap-quilt I guess it’s on to the next UFO. The pattern for the above quilt came from “More Quilts From The Quiltmaker’s Gift” and the pattern is called “Snowflake” If you ever have the opportunity to pick up either The Quiltmaker’s Gift or More Quilts From (The Quiltermaker’s Gift) I encourage you to do so. These books are full of lovely quilts and even if you never make a quilt the books are so beautifully put together it’s worth the price just to browse through them to get ideas.


4 responses to “UFO #2 Completed…finally.

  1. I can see the butterflies quilted in the yellow squares in the larger picture! And I think you made the correct choice to have the butterflies meander along the border. MUCH more interesting! Beautiful quilt!!

  2. Beautiful quilt. You can always save it for a gift fo a special person.

  3. Beautiful quilt Karen,,,did you say hand quilt??? Looks great!

  4. Wow, Karen,
    That is gorgeous….you must have alot of patience….
    Me, well, I am still working on the Danbury Sweater. The Back and 2 fronts are done.
    Now the sleeves, and hood…..will post pics on my blog soon….take care, Pat

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