Beaded scarf and oven towel winner.

Well since I only received a couple of comments on the oven towels (shows how much people actually read my posts) I’ve decided to send them on to both girls so congrats Catherine and Jackie and I’ll need your addresses so if you could email those to me I’d appreciate it.

My next new thing to work on is a beaded scarf. Actually I need to make five of these for my daughter’s bridesmaids so I thought I’d better start working on them.

Beaded netting on scarf
Start of the bead netting on the scarf.

Closeup of beads

This beaded net pattern is from a book “Simple Glass Beading” by Dorothy Wood. By the time I’m done there will be about 2.5 inches of netting with another 1.5 inches of fringe at the bottom. I’ve tried to match everything as closely as I can to the dress colour but obviously it’s not going to be a perfect match but hopefully the blue will be able to go with something else the girls own. They aren’t going to wear them down the aisle but I thought they would be nice to have around the shoulders in case the girls get chilly in the banquet hall. Hopefully my efforts won’t be a waste but I thought it would be appropriate to give the girls something from the bride’s mother.


3 responses to “Beaded scarf and oven towel winner.

  1. I love the scarf. Sorry you didn’t get too many comments on the towel, I have several and know how to make them myself, hence the reason for not commenting. I did love the sunflowers (one of my FAV).

  2. I can’t imagine a lovely beaded scarf like that not being appreciated.

  3. I feel for you!! I did a beaded scarf with beading like you have in your last picture of a closeup for a Christmas gift. Took me FOREVER!! Thought it was a good idea at the time. Think I’ll stick to hand dyeing, rubber stamping & adding beads only as embellishments and NOT fringe!!

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