Beaded scarf continued…

Well I finally finished one end of the scarf and got the main garden all turned over and dug up yeah! It’s been very rainy for the last couple of days so I’m going to have to wait until I start planting but that’s okay considering the tempratures have returned to what’s normal for spring and I really shouldn’t be planting at this point anyhow.

I remembered the beaded scarves as taking a long time to do but when I started I was optimistic but yes they do take a while to get done (I’ve only done the one end) so it’s going to be interesting to get five of these babies finished; good thing I’m starting now at the beginning of spring/summer instead of later.

Finished beaded end of scarf
One finished end of beaded scarf.

Close-up of beadwork
Close-up of beadwork.

That’s about all I have to post as I haven’t really done anything else aside from working outside and beading. I still lots of work left in that area so unless I get bored and do something else I’m afraid the blog is going to be a bit sparse in the coming weeks. Our church is having a garage sale and we can rent a table to sell stuff and I’ve been tempted that way thinking maybe some tie-dyes but there is so…much…to do around here it’s incredible. Everytime I turn around something else needs cleaning or doing. Oh well, such is life.


3 responses to “Beaded scarf continued…

  1. The scarf looks lovely….but I can see why you started them now and not left them for a while…vbg. Lucky you to get so much rain – send some our way please.

  2. Maybe you should think about doing this one for the maid of honor and half the beading for the others LOL. It is beautiful!!

  3. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated and motivational.


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