Buttons and more…

My buttons finally arrived from Buttons Galore. They are cute but I’m not too sure about the quality so we’ll see how they work out. I ordered these online to match the oven towels that I made and then I ordered a few more. The price certainly was right so I can’t complain about that.

Various buttons from “Buttons Galore”

It’s really hard to find a site that carries a variety of buttons at a good price. Most of the sites I visited had buttons but at prices I would pay at a retailer so then you have to ask yourself why bother because then you are looking at shipping and handling in addition to your cost.

I did a couple of low-water immersion t-shirts for an upcoming garage sale the church is having in a couple of weeks. The youth group is travelling to Kenya this summer so they are trying to raise money by renting out table space at the garage sale. I have had the blank shirts sitting around forever so I’ve decided to make the effort and dye up the remaining shirts. Even if I don’t sell any I’ll have gotten them dyed so I’m ahead of the game, look for some more tie-dyes in the next couple of weeks on my blog.

Cerulean blue and Better Black LWI shirt.

Turquoise and Better Black LWI shirt.

With the little bit of dye leftover from the shirts I tossed it into a vase with a 1/2 yard piece of fabric to create a parfait.

Turquoise and Cerulean blue parfait.

I finally finished the beaded scarf a couple of days ago so thats one down and four more to go. I did work on the far back garden but have about 2/3’s of that to finish off. The soil is a dream back there because its the good rich soil from the overflow from the former millpond but its overgrown with lots of grass and weeds so its been a slow go what with my back. I worked on it on Monday and am just thinking of getting back to it today (Friday) although it has been raining during the week (my excuse).

Not much else doing around here except Spring cleanup and trying to get other stuff done. Hopefully the next post will be seeing some really neat tie-dyes.


One response to “Buttons and more…

  1. You have been so busy, I’m trying to catch up, the towel tutorial is great, the scarf is to dye for, I’m sure the girls will love them at least they should and the shirts are really nice, those should go over well at the sale. Looking forward to seeing some more of your tiedye.

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