Jewel-toned Colour Wheel

Yesterday I did a six-step colour wheel for a swap I’m doing for one of my fabric dyeing forums; the colours – ProChem’s sapphire blue, boysenberry and Dharma’s Golden Yellow (MX-GR). This is one of those times that seeing the material is better than looking at the photo as the colours were intense jewel tones, very nice!

Six-step colour wheel using Sapphire, Boysenberry and Golden Yellow. The purple on top of the sapphire blue is a very nice purple but the camera shows it as a blue, something my camera tends to do.

Aside from doing the spiral tutorial yesterday I also decided to play with the last fat eighth piece and accordian fold it and tie it off with some rubber bands for some white resists in the piece.

Fat eighth pleated accordian style.

Rubber band resists.

Dyeing the folds.

Covering the fabric to prevent dyes from drying out while the fabric batches 24 hours.

Its always great fun to open up the fabric/shirts the next day and imagine what you’ve ended up with.

Eeek, what is this mess?

Well this one looks better at least.

After the wash-out, dried and ironed.

Not bad for throwing it together quickly.

Hmm…could be a method to use for the upcoming resist swap.

A lot of the dye washes out so sometimes the pieces that look the worse when you unfold them actually end up being the best ones after some washing. The little flecks in the swirl were caused by trapped air bubbles in the wet cloth.


2 responses to “Jewel-toned Colour Wheel

  1. Beautiful Karen!!!

  2. You have some great pieces there.

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