I’ve been busy the last couple of days trying to get some shirts ready for our church garage sale tomorrow. The only problem is I was so busy with the garden these past couple of weeks I didn’t start early enough. I’ve got a few done but haven’t washed them out yet. Could be a problem as the sale starts tomorrow at 8:00 am and I have a very strong feeling I “won’t” be up washing shirts at six in the morning. Oh well, we’ll see how many get done.

Meanwhile some pictures of tied and dyed shirts so people can play a guessing game as to what they really look like.

Tie dye #1

Tie dye #2

Tie dye #3

Tie dye #4

Tie dye #5

Tie dye #6

Tie dye #7

In case you’re thinking that some of the above pictures look the same you’re right but the items are all different. I’ve posted all of the dyed items I did below.

Dyed item #1

Dyed item #2

Dyed item #3

Dyed item #4

Dyed item #5

Dyed item #6

Dyed item #7

Dyed items #8, #9, #10

Here’s to hoping the washout is a success and everything turns out. I’ll post pictures tomorrow of the laundered items.


3 responses to “Tie-Dyeing

  1. I’m so not showing my girls those t-shirts. I dread to think what they would come up with, and the condition of my laundry, if they started…..vbg.

    It is NOT my fault by the way you bought fabric – I’m only offering temptation – you’re the one who pushed the checkout and pay buttons……roflmol. Can’t wait to see what you bought.

  2. these shirts r really cool. how do you do this. email me back telling me how. thanks bye

  3. Hey Kennedi,

    Thanks for the comment. It’s kind of complicated to explain in an email how to do these as the process is somewhat drawn out. What I can do is refer you to other sites that give you a better idea of what to do. Two of my favorites sites are:

    Paula Burch’s site: http://www.pburch.net/drupal/

    iTieDye forum site: http://itiedye.com/smf/index.php

    On both sites if you look you will find links to how to tie dye a shirt – for tying certain folds in a shirt and for the process of dyeing the shirt. Another valuable reference is the Tie Dye 101, 102 and 103 Dvd’s from which I first learned to tie dye. You can order these from Amazon or from Dharma Dyes.

    I tried to reply in email but it didn’t work.


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