Tie-dye…the results…

Okay, I posted the dyed shirts the other day but not how they looked finished so here are the finished results…ta dah!

Mandala Tapistry- there are several ways to tie a mandala, this one is from Tom and Martine’s DVD series “Tie Dye 101” and “Advanced Tie Dye Techniques”. I used the same colour-way as they did (well not the exact same colours but the same colour families) and realised afterwards that I’d done a shirt in these colours, oh well next time I’ll try something different.

Multi-coloured Vee

Multi-coloured Vee, these shirts were also from the above DVD series.

Rainbow center spiral

Off-center spiral, colour-way idea from the above DVD but using a red I personally created from one of my fabric swaps…I’m so proud πŸ™‚

Center spiral stained glass shirt using the left-over dye from my last colour wheel

Spider spiral, have to admit that afterwards I realised that maybe I should have reversed the red and black so I’d have a black spider instead of a red one, oh well.

Rubber band resist with the left-over colour wheel dyes only a full yard piece.

Heart shirt

Off-center spiral

After an exhausting two days of work I’ve grown tired of tie-dyes once again. I will never do this for a business as it’s simply not work the effort for me. Aside from which people where I live will simply not buy tie-dye. I guess we are ultra conservative or what not. I sold one of the above shirts to a young girl that is a fan. The rest will have to do for gifts or I’ll save them for the next church function and maybe hope to sell another…one by one…, lol.


11 responses to “Tie-dye…the results…

  1. Beautiful ,,wow!! You go girl! Love them all!

  2. These are really great. I especially like the mandala one. I think even people who think they don’t like tie dye would like some of these.

  3. Hi Karen, beautiful tie & dyes!! (I’m getting the itch to do some myself)
    I’ve tagged you!! Check out my blog for instructions on how to play & just to let you know, it’s totally voluntary πŸ™‚

  4. thiss the cool ist sherts

  5. i love all of your tie diy shrits and i was wondering if you sold them

  6. these are absolutely amazing! I make tie dye myself and I’m self taught, but I was wondering which video did you use to make some of these patterns? I especially like the multi-colored V I’ve tried everything to make a shirt like that and I have no idea how to do it. Everything on here is truly beautiful! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Britton,

      Sorry it’s taken this long to reply we were on holiday and I just got back.
      There are several tie-dye videos that you can learn different patterns from my favorite being from Steve and Martine:

      Tie Dye 101 and Advanced Tie Dye Techniques
      Their web site is: http://www.TrueTieDye.com
      The multi-coloured Vee is from Tie Dye 101

      Another couple of videos are:

      The Art of Tie Dye by Mike Fowler and the web site is: Tie-Dyed.com

      Tie Dye – Learn How To Tie-Dye with Brad Garrett and the web site is: http://www.phatdyes.com

      I’m assuming that these sites are still active.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  7. Hi! I know this is from ages ago but do you know the name of the technique/ remember how you did the tie dye with caption “Rubber band resist with the left-over colour wheel dyes only a full yard piece.”

    • Hi Jess,
      If I remember correctly this was a piece of fabric that I folded accordion style much like the paper fans we used to make as kids (back and forth). Most likely I folded the yardage in half before I did the folding back and forth. I then put rubber bands down the length of it. I can’t remember the exact spacing but do whatever looks good to you. Make sure you put the rubber bands on tightly. The tighter they are the more white you’ll get in the piece. Then just put the different dye colours in each section between the rubber bands. Hope this helps.


  8. i was looking for mike fowlers video lost it on a move from California please help I love the video

    • Hi Tiffany I do have the DVD but it’s not for sale, sorry I’m not willing to give it up. You’ll just have to keep Googling and maybe it will come up somewhere, good luck. I’ll also add the the t-shirts you see pictured above were created following the DVDs from True Tie Dye’s and they are still available from either their website or Dharma.

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