I’ve been tagged…again.

I’ve been tagged again and so in the spirit of the game I’ll list six unimportant things about myself but since most of the people I know have been tagged I won’t bother tagging anyone else (sorry if this isn’t part of it).

1. I’m a sweet freak, love my chocolate, cookies, icecream etc, etc.

2. I’m a horder to a degree. I love buying fabric, yarn and craft goodies that someday I may make into something, I do use some of the stuff (honest).

3. I listen to Triple M Sydney radio through the Internet even though I live in Ontario, Canada. I love the music mix they have and their music appeals to me more than the North American stuff. LOL, I can sing along to all the commercials.

4. I’m mostly a homebody. Travelling is great but I like being at home. My husband loves the cruises we’ve been on so probably more of those are in our future.

5. I have a cat named Nicky who is an orange and white tabby. He’s about 15 years old and although he looks to be in great shape the poor old guy doesn’t move like he used to. I look at him and see myself as I hobble around with my stiff back, we’re both getting older.

6. I have a fantastic husband whom I love very much (along with four grown kids). He’s very…well I was going to list all the great things about him but it’d probably be to mushy and sentimental and take up a lot of space (as if this sentence isn’t) so I’ll leave it at that.


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