Rainbarrels and Internet Goodies

My husband and I bought a couple of rainbarrels for the gardens and the lawns in an attempt to conserve water. It was a challenge to try and divert the water from the upper downspout in a way that we could collect the water but also have the overflow continue along its previous path.

The water seems to just dribble but I’m glad to say that we got at least one barrel of water from this last rainfall maybe two if it keeps raining. Here’s a couple pictures of my newest additions to the family.

Rainbarrel #1 – Recycled industrial food grade barrels, olives I think.

Rainbarrel #2

I also got some goodies in the mail. Yesterday I received the material I ordered from “Thousands of Bolts” They can fit six yards of fabric into a priority envelope which costs me $9.95 to send to Canada so thats what I ordered and they sent a bonus fat quarter which was a pleasant surprise.

I choose fabrics from the creams/tans/ecru section.

Today I got the polyester colour twist thread from ThreadArt. I’m not sure how this will sew up, hopefully it’s good quality thread. The price was right at 12 spools for $19.95 and I also ordered a couple of their namebrand rotary cutters, which were a good price at $2.49 each.

Polyester colour twist thread. The thread is composed of two colours.

Rotary blades, one is a pinking blade and the other a wave blade.

Lastly a picture of the flowers sent to John’s dad’s funeral on Monday from his fellow staff members in Performance Engineering at Darlington.

Gordon Waldie 1917 – 2008. RIP dad you were loved and cherished by all.


2 responses to “Rainbarrels and Internet Goodies

  1. Love the fabrics. I have the fourth one down and it’s wonderful – now I must look for the others….vbg. I like your rain barrels. Here it’s mandatory to have them put on new houses – except they must be tanks of a certain size. In our climate we need them.

  2. I love Thousands of bolts, love the way the website works so that you can link all in a collection.
    I love the search engine and the display board.
    I put a whole lot of blues up there one day and it was great fun to find those that worked together. It took me a while to find that feature but now I love it.
    Have fun with that fabric.

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